A Melkor Plate seen from above.

The Melkor Plate is a special block that can spawn on any level of Utumno, although it does spawn more commonly the lower the level. This is the only way besides dying that the player may exit this dimension and return to Middle-Earth.

Using the Plate Edit

Melkor Plate Tall

A Melkor Plate that is getting ever taller. Soon the return portal will be activated.

To activate the plate the player must kill 15 enemies within 3 blocks of it. For each enemy killed, the plate will gain 1 pixel in height. Once you have the required number of kills, a beam of white light will shoot up, and the player will be taken back to Middle-Earth.

Utumno Return Portal

An activated Melkor Plate ready to use.

The Melkor Plate cannot be broken in survival mode, so don't even think of trying to bring one of these home to spice up your base. They can be obtained only by middle-clicking in creative mode or by using commands.

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Melkor Plate' is not actually mentioned in the mod. It was decided upon by wiki editors.
  • The face on Melkor plate looks like Sauron's face in the first of Lord of the Ring movies, as a reference to Melkor and Sauron both being stuck in the form of a Dark Lord in The Simarillion.
Balrog  The Armies of Utumno  Melkor Plate

(Located under Forodwaith, after walking through the Pits)


First Floor: Ice SpiderOrc (Archer) • Warg (Ice)
Second Floor: Orc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Obsidian)
Third Floor: BalrogOrc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Fire)

Armour & Equipment:

ArmourBalrog WhipEquipmentPickaxe of the Underworld


First Floor: Ice Brick (Glowing) • Ice Pillar
Second Floor: Obsidian Brick (Fiery) • Obsidian Pillar
Third Floor: Fire Brick (Burning)• Fire Pillar


KeyMelkor PlateFlame of UdûnChill of Daedelos

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