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Melon (named melon slice in the console editions) is a food item that can be eaten by the player. It can also be made into soup and brewed into liqueur.


Within Middle-Earth, melons can be obtained in two ways. The easiest way is to head to the jungles of Far Harad. There, melon blocks can be occasionally found sitting on the ground. The other way to obtain melons is to kill Mirkwood spiders until you get a Mystery Web. Right-clicking and throwing the mystery web can, on very rare occasions, yield a melon slice... or, more likely, spawn a small Mirkwood spider. Other loot ranging from silver nuggets to iron daggers to leather armour may also be obtained from a mystery web.


Eating a melon slice restores 2 (2food). Besides of the Vanilla recipes (see here), melons can be crafted into soup, slightly increasing their food content. They can also be brewed into liqueur.

Food of Middle-earth
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