The Middle-Earth menu is one of the most important GUI's found in the Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod, which can be accessed by pressing L, unless you changed your key bindings. On this screen, you can find all sorts of useful information as it pertains to the mod. The menu has multiple screens that can be accessed by clicking on the arrows found on either side of the currently open window.


This presents a menu where you can set a few of the mod's basic options. You can change these options simply by clicking on the button, which will cycle it from "On" to "Off".

  • Friendly Fire: Enabling this means you can't hurt NPC's of factions you're allied with unless they attack you first.
  • Hired unit death messages: Turning this on means you'll see a message in the chat such as Your hired unit Beregond, the Gondor Soldier, was slain by Mazdug, the Mordor Orc if a hired unit dies.
  • Show alignment: This allows players to see your alignment with the faction whose alignment meter they're currently looking at if it's enabled. Useful for letting others know whether you're a friend or a foe, although it makes you more visible underground.
  • Show map location: Allows other players to see where you're located on the map. Useful if you want to meet up with someone and the server doesn't have /tp enabled. Most players keep this off most of the time for safety.

The arrows on the left and right allow you to change to another menu screen. Keep cycling through screens to get to the one you want it it's not shown in the arrows.


This allows you to set a title. It presents you with a list of titles that you can claim, as well as your currently selected one. You can only use the titles shown in white initially, but you can unlock others in time. Colours are customizable by clicking on any of the colours seen on the bottom row of colours.



This screen allows you to interact with Fellowships. For more information regarding how these work, please see the relevant wiki page.



Here, you can see the various achievements you've collected, as well as how to get ones that you've not obtained yet. To see further achievements in one group, drag the scrollbar on the right. Clicking the arrows on the corners will allow you to see different groups of achievements.


On this screen, you can set the cosmetic shield worn by your character, if one's available. You can toggle between alignment, achievable, and exclusive shields using the toggle, and select the shield you want to wield using the small arrows on the left and the right. To wield a shield, hit "select shield", and "remove shield" removes that shield.


Arguably the most useful screen contained in the Middle-Earth menu, the map is possibly the most confusing to use. It displays where you're located, the names of regions when you put the cursor over them, and allows you to fast travel. You can zoom in and out using your scroll wheel, or the small plus/minus keys on the top right hand corner of the map.


Sepia mapEdit

Pressing this button turns the map into a sepia colour, which some players might prefer.


Creating custom waypointsEdit

If you press that button you can create a custom waypoint in your current location. The number of these you can create depends on how many achievements you've earned, but you'll always start with 5.

Toggle fullscreenEdit

Pressing this allows you to display a smaller version of the map.



As seen above, clicking on a waypoint gives you the name of that waypoint, along with some information about the area. If the waypoint is not unlocked, it will state so clearly. If it's available, pressing F will allow you to fast travel to that waypoint.


The final screen you can find is the screen regarding inter-faction relationships. You can change the faction whose details you're looking at by sliding the slider on the bottom of that screen to either the left or the right.

General detailsEdit


Blue Mountains faction details.

The opening page will display a number of stats pertaining to that faction, including your alignment, the resulting title, the number of enemies you slew, the number of times you traded with the faction, the number of units you hired, and the number of mini-quests you completed.



Allies of the Blue Mountains.

By clicking on the "corner" of the book (near the arrows), you can learn more about that faction. The first screen is the one describing that faction's allies.



Enemies of the Blue Mountains.

The next screen provides information regarding that faction's enemies.

Sphere of influenceEdit

Sphere Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains sphere of influence

By clicking on the small "plus" sign on the top right corner, you'll be able to see that faction's spheres of influence on the Middle-Earth map.

Gameplay mechanics of the Lord of the Rings Mod
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