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  • I live in France
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Maths Student
  • I am Male
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  • Hello Aldan Tanneo!

    I saw your first changes on the Table of Command page, and thought, why is someone so stupid to remove all the old contents without checkking if it still works? And how do I now work both into one?

    And then I made some other edits first and waited for a while, and - voila! - you noticed it and corrected it yourself. Thanks a lot!

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    • Yeah, sorry about that.

      I asked on the wiki discord and was told the table of command still worked as before with the Sword/Horn of Command, so I fixed it as soon as I could :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello,

    could you translate these entries for the Music Pack Creator? Thanks in advance! (\n means a line break, \u0020 a space)

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.andrastFix1=Because of a bug in an earlier version the region "pukel" was named "andrast". \nThe Music Pack Project "

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.andrastFix2=" was created with a version that contained this bug and a region "andrast" was found in some tracks of it. \nThe region will be renamed automatically to "pukel".

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix1=The Music Pack Project "

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix2=" contains 

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix3=\u0020duplicated tracks:\n


    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix4=\nThis has no side effects, but you shouldn't have duplicated tracks in your Music Pack Project!

    musicPackCreator.earlyInitialization.preRelease=This version of Music Pack Creator is a pre-release! It's likely that bugs or crashes occur, and your Music Pack Projects could be corrupted.\nOnly use this versions for testing purposes on a SEPARATE workspace. At least back your original workspace up.\nDo you want to proceed?

    musicPackCreator.exportPack.preRelease=This version of Music Pack Creator is a pre-release! Music Pack Projects exported with this version can be unstable, and it's not recommended to use them (or import them in other workspaces).\nThe Music Pack you'll export should only be used for testing purposes!


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    • Sure, there it is:

      musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.andrastFix1=A cause d'un bug dans une version précédente la région "pukel" était nommée "andrast". \nLe Projet de Music Pack "

      musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.andrastFix2=" a été créé dans une version qui contenait ce bug et la région "andrast" a été trouvée dans certaines pistes du projet. \nLa région sera automatiquement renommée "pukel".

      musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix1=Le Projet de Music Pack "

      musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix2=" contient

      musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix3=\u0020des pistes en double:\n


      musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix4=\nCela n'a pas d'effets secondaires, mais vous ne devriez pas avoir de pistes en double dans votre projet de Music Pack!

      musicPackCreator.earlyInitialization.preRelease=Cette version du Créateur de Music Packs est une version bêta! Il est possible qu'elle contienne des bugs ou soit instable, et vos projets de Music Packs pourraient être corrompus.\nN'utilisez cette version que pour effectuer des tests, et sur un espace de travail différent. Sauvegardez au moins vos projets originaux.\nVoulez vous continuer?

      musicPackCreator.exportPack.preRelease=Cette version du Créateur de Music Packs est une version bêta! Les projets exportés avec cette version peuvent être instables, et il n'est pas recommandé de les utiliser (ou de les importer dans d'autres espaces de travail).\nLe Music Pack que vous exporterez devrait n'être utilisé que pour des tests!

      musicPackCreator.title.preRelease=[Version Bêta]:

      You're welcome ;)

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    • Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Sagaert22!

    Ahm, you fixed my red links to some vessels that I've included there by aim. I wanted to add the Glass Bottle and the Cauldron page here, because those vanilla items work quite diffently in the Mod.

    Your category:Fuels made absolut no sense, therfore I deleted it. A fuel is something to burn like coal or wood. A vessel is a container for liquids like wineglasses or mugs. Agreed?

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  • Alatúlië! Welcome to Gondolin, fair Glorfindel. I am Aranwë (Turammarth), father of Voronwë the Seafarer.

    I rule Gondolin as Steward, due to the departure of Turgon (lalamalkin).

    As Glorfindel, I am giving you these permissions:

    - Lordship over a section of our City. You must follow my laws though. If you want to create a law in your zone then you must give me a good reason why. Any landscaping or structural changes must also be run through me.

    - The power to govern who lives in your zone, unless I have given them written permission (in the form of a Book). If you wish to expel someone from your zone then you must find a place for them to stay elsewhere, while their case as to why they were expelled and if it was just is reviewed.

    - You can build your own house, and if I deem your building skills are sufficient I will allow you to build the rest of your zone.

    - You can choose what armour set your Hired-units can wear. All other members of your house must wear use the same gear.

    - If you want to set up a farm for your House then it must be done outside the city. I will reserve an area for you if you wish to do so. The growing of Grapes however will be done by Nurwë (sebhassink), who is Keeper of the Vineyards and Lord of Finaces.

    TurammarthHeraldry-0 Aranwë Tûrammarth Use a Palantír!

    You are French right? I have recruited another Gondolindrim, Cuthion (Gaball) who is French and does not speak much English. He has decided to join the House of the Swallow, and serves as an Archer. If you see him it would be nice if you would help to answer any of his questions, although this is not required of you.

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    • One thing to keep in mind: Gondolin is Mithrim Sindarin, whilst the rest of your sentence is Quenya (unless the Parf Edhellen is wrong)

      My War Cries:


      Alae! Gondolindrim o Tumladen, i aur tol! Behold! Gondolindrim of Tumladen, the Day comes!

      Golodhrim! Glamhoth gar tolo! Golodhrim! Orcs are upon us!

      Eledh uin nim mîr! Elves of the White Jewel!


      Noldor ló Ondolindë, Auta i lómë! Noldor of Gondolin, the Night is passing!

      Eldar ló mírë, lúmë ná pícë ménë! Eldar of the Jewel, Darkness is upon us!

      Ondolindë, ná túra! Gondolin is Great!

      Túra ná i apairë ló i Noldoli! Great is the victory of the Noldoli!

      Please point out my mistakes.

      TurammarthHeraldry-0 Aranwë Tûrammarth Utúlie'n aurë!

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    • Yes Gondolin is in Sindarin but it is the most commonly used name of the city, even by the Gondolindrim themselves.

      See the words of Elemmakil in the Unfinished Tales : "Yet," said he, "in our daily speech we speak and we name it mostly Gondolin."

      Also I don't know if Parf Edhellen is wrong or not, as for Quenya I am mostly dealing with Quettaparma Quenyallo.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I would love it if you helped me build something on Tales of Ages. Its currently secret, but get on and I'll tell you.

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  • Hello, you know me.

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