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  • I think I remember you as the Steward of Gondor from Dominion of Middle Earth. Did you rule after some sort of vote after Traceus left? I played as Brand King of Dale if you remember me.

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    • It wasn't after a vote. Staff just wanted someone to be steward of Gondor because Rangers didn't want it, so they just gave it to me.

      I had it for about 5ish days, before KingTotalWar basically told me to give me stewardship or face civil war. I was banned for 3 days and the stewardship was eradicated, and then there was another "civil war" between me, PineappleBomb, and KingTotalWar, where we all competed for stewardship. I eventually went with KTW and Pineapple disappeared, so he got stewardship. I was then banned for a c-chunk, and shortly after that was resolved, I was permabanned for going to Utumno.

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