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    could you translate these entries for the Music Pack Creator? Thanks in advance! (\n means a line break, \u0020 a space)

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.andrastFix1=Because of a bug in an earlier version the region "pukel" was named "andrast". \nThe Music Pack Project "

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.andrastFix2=" was created with a version that contained this bug and a region "andrast" was found in some tracks of it. \nThe region will be renamed automatically to "pukel".

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix1=The Music Pack Project "

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix2=" contains 

    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix3=\u0020duplicated tracks:\n


    musicPackCreator.fixMusicPack.duplicatedTracksFix4=\nThis has no side effects, but you shouldn't have duplicated tracks in your Music Pack Project!

    musicPackCreator.earlyInitialization.preRelease=This version of Music Pack Creator is a pre-release! It's likely that bugs or crashes occur, and your Music Pack Projects could be corrupted.\nOnly use this versions for testing purposes on a SEPARATE workspace. At least back your original workspace up.\nDo you want to proceed?

    musicPackCreator.exportPack.preRelease=This version of Music Pack Creator is a pre-release! Music Pack Projects exported with this version can be unstable, and it's not recommended to use them (or import them in other workspaces).\nThe Music Pack you'll export should only be used for testing purposes!


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