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  • Can I see what exactly you used for the main pattern and subpatterns to get ~7332990 possibilities like you said in your last edit for Orc Names? I've tried recreating this using your description of the prefix/suffix subpatterns but it only reaches 1 million - 4.5 million max possibilities for each Orc faction.

    Even so, this some amazing stuff and a really big improvement on the current Orc names. I wonder how easy it would be to apply that to other races...

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    • Main Pattern: 



      V: a/o/u/û/ú/â

      C: "P"(r/l/hr)/"T"(r/hr/h)/"K"(r/hr/l)/"S"(n/h/hr/l/k/t)/"M"/"N"/"H"/"G"(r/l/hr/h)/"R"/"D"(l/r/hr)/"Z"/"L"/"B"(l/r/hr)/"Y"

      N: g/k/sh/rz/l/r/z/rg/t/rk/kh/f/rf/nk

      B: p(r/l/hr)/t(r/hr/h)/k(r/hr/l)/s(n/h/hr/l/k/t)/m/n/h/g(r/l/hr/h)/r/d(l/r/hr)/z/l/b(l/r/hr)

      A: "A"/"O"/"U"/"Û"/"Ú"/"I"/"Â"

      I forgot to update it, sorry :(

      this should work

      I checked just now and it gives you 11,055,114 patterns. If you have any more questions let me know!

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    • Thank you! Any idea how I could approach the names of other races (e.g. Hobbits and Elves) to get similar levels of complexity? It's okay if you don't, what you have is already ingenious.

      I'm not a linguist by any stretch of the imagination, but this would be a great addition to a certain project I'm working on :P

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    • Yeah i actually did make a Sindarin Elf name generator! what you want to do is you want to get all the endings (ie, -ron, -ion, etc), and then you want to get a bunch of sindarin words, put them in one of the subpatterns, and you will get things like Angren-ion, Themb-en, and more. just delete the hyphon after that. For hobbit names, i assume you are working on male names, because female names are all flowers, so you can just find some of those. for hobbits, im making something right now. tbh im not much of a linguist myself, i just like to play around.

      also in your project make an orc named after me

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