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  • Hello Ranger Malvegil!

    I just updated all the crafting tables and checked the recipes using your NEI plugin. I noticed a little bug there.

    I hope that's the newest version, I use: NEILotr 2.0.0 Alpha, Recipe Handler 1.0.0-Beta, and NEI 1.7.10-

    According to your plugin, the crafting recipes for some bricks use stacks of 4 to craft stairs, walls and slabs in each slot. For example Taurethrim Bricks.

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  • Hi. I downloaded nei-lotr from github, and added the NEI and LOTR jars in the libs directory. However, when I attempt to do "gradlew runClient", I get a long stacktrace, ending with "Caused by: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Duplicated LocalVariableTable attribute entry for 'this' in class file net/minecraft/entity/player/EntityPlayer". I think I have the correct versions of the jars etc.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Hello Malvegil,

    Is your plugin still under development? I would like to see the trader - integration (see what traders buy/sell with prices). Im a modder myself, so I looked up your code and saw that you already got some parts for that. Will this be finished in time, or if not, may you give me the source code so I can figure it out by myself? 

    Thanks, TheCrafter4000

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    • Here is a quick update: The plugin mechanism is finished, and a large part of the API too. I'll now work on the basic recipe handlers (crafting table, alloy forge, trader) to test the API and the plugin mechanism.

      I created an abstraction layer over the recipe handlers of NEI, so you can build your own recipe handlers without to reference a single part of NEI. There are several reasons why I decided to create this abstraction layer, the two main reasons are that I don't like the way you have to manage recipe handlers with NEI and that I added features that needed this abstraction layer. Furthermore my recipe handler API should be more clear (I hope), more powerful and especially it's documented in detail.

      If finished, I'll provide the documented sourcecode of the API and the integrated recipe handlers (as an example on how to use the API) on GitHub. I won't provide the other parts of the sourcecode, because they are internal modules of the plugin and not part of the public API and no recipe handler should depend on them (if you need them for some reason, I'll provide them of course, but referencing internal code from the recipe handlers indicates design issues with either the handler or the addon itself).

      Currently you don't have to contribute your own handlers, because I plann to (re)write them by myself. But as Sam pointed out before the plugin mechanism with the API is no longer bound to NEI or the LOTR Mod - you can write recipe handlers for other mods if you want (to example for TC if necessary, I don't know how much NEI support is there for it).

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    • I released a new version: 

      The API is still in progress, I'll release the sourcecode if it's finished.

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  • Why is  music suddenly stopped in the play

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  • Hey Malvegil! Do you think it would be possible to create a patch for Dynamic Lighting, so that LOTR Mod lightsources work with it too?

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  • Hello there, Ranger. I have been trying to create a coremod for the LOTR mod, but I've run into some problems and I was hoping you could help me.

    Is it possible to have the coremod contained in the same 'mod' as the mod itself? I really don't want to require people to download two separate mods just for the sake of a few fixes. Edit: I've looked at some other mods, TerraFirmaCraft being particularly helpful, and found out how to do this. But I can't get the coremod to load in Eclipse yet.

    And how on earth do I make the coremod run in the Eclipse development environment? Edit: I found a solution here.

    Never mind!

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    • Is the core mod out yet?

      Diamond Edhelgwath, Shade-Elf Diamond

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  • So I'm interested to know a few things about the plugin.

    Is it open-source? If so, where is the repository and how is it licensed? If not, I'd be interested to know why.

    I'd be interested at looking at the code and understanding how this all works, preferably without having to decompile bytecode.

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  • Hello, it's me again!

    I found quite a weird bug (or easter egg?), when accessing the lotr forges:

    Only in slot 3, instead of putting the items there, it opens NEI and shows me some recipes. It depends on where I click with the mouse pointer in the slot. Lower left -> works, central -> bug. The items drop on the ground in front of the forge and can be picked up there. It seems, that I access some invisible slot that is somehow off compared to the GUI.

    Not sure, what Mod is responsible for it, but I guess, it might be your addon.

    I use:

    • LotR 31.3
    • NEI
    • NEI LotR addon 0.4.3
    • fastcraft 1.23
    • some other Mods

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  • Hello Malvegil! I come to seek your help.

    I'm trying to create a submod of LOTR. It works when I just build the mod (gradlew build) and use it in the normal game environment, but it won't work in dev environment. When I try to add the LOTR mod to the mods folder of the dev minecraft environment, it can't find some of the obfuscated function names:

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71410_x()Lnet/minecraft/client/Minecraft;
    	at lotr.client.render.LOTRRenderPlayer.<init>( ~[%5b1.7.10%5d%20The%20Lord%20of%20the%20Rings%20Mod%20B31.3.jar:?]
            at ...

    You have already created a submod before, so I guessed you'd know what I'm doing wrong.

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  • Hello Ranger Malvegil!

    First of all thank you very much for the NEI plugin for the LotR-Mod. It is most useful and appreciated. Saves me a lot of time not to have to look up recipes in this wiki.

    The newest update neiLotr-Alpha 0.4.3 crashes with all versions 31 of the Mod. Perhaps, I've got the wrong NEI? I use NotEnoughItems-1.7.10- and CodeChickenCore-1.7.10- I have also some other Mods installed, which was never a problem so far. The crash report ends with

    [NEI Addon for the "The Lord of the Rings" Minecraft Mod]
    (neiLotr-Alpha 0.4.3.jar)

    It worked perfectly with neiLotr-Alpha 0.4.2 and LotR-Mod 30.5. I hope, you can help me there. Thanks in advance.

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    • So why not update fastcraft and optifine?

      MilkBucket MilkMC Check your render distance, Fandom User!MilkBucket

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    • Or use betterFPS rather than optifine.

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