The Middle-earth World Type is a world type (in the same category as Superflat, Large Biomes, etc.) available as an option when creating a new world. Worlds created with this setting will spawn the player directly into Middle-earth, without the need for a Ring Portal. It was added in Public Beta 25.

A Middle-earth world type does not generate a Ring Portal at the spawn in the Shire. However, one may still enter the vanilla dimensions through other constructible portals such as Elven Portals and Morgul Portals, though this world type is mostly intended for people wishing to play only in Middle-earth, and not the vanilla Minecraft world.


Creating a singleplayer world with the Middle-earth world type.

How to enable this world type Edit

In singleplayer:

  • When creating a world, go into the 'More World Options' screen.
  • Cycle through the 'World Type: Default' button until it displays 'World Type: Middle-earth'.

In multiplayer:

  • Open the '' file in the server folder in a text editor program.
  • There will be a line that starts with 'level-type'. Edit this line to 'level-type=middleearth'. (Note that 'middleearth' is not case-sensitive.)
  • Make sure that you have 'allow-nether' set to 'allow-nether=true'.
  • Save the file.
  • Remove any existing 'world' subdirectory in the server folder, as it could contain spawn terrain generated for the Overworld.
  • Start the server.

Middle-earth Classic Edit


Creating a singleplayer world with the Middle-earth classic world type.

If you want a more "historic" feeling, you might want to chose this option. This is how the world was generated before Public Beta 13 of February 1st, 2014, which marked the one year aniversary of the Mod.

Middle-earth biomes where not generated according to the map, as it is now, but randomly distributed, like in vanilla Minecraft. With this world type, you'll still get the current buildings, biomes, factions, alignment meter, etc. If you want an even more "historic" feeling, check out the links on the updates page at the end of each paragraph, and select whatever version you like.

History Edit

The Middle-earth world type was added in the Public Beta 25 update, the classic variant in Public Beta 29.