‘I am being eaten alive!’ cried Pippin. ‘Midgewater! There are more midges than water!’

‘What do they live on when they can’t get hobbit?’ asked Sam, scratching his neck.

–A Knife in the Dark, The Fellowship of the Ring

The Midgewater marshes are a region of Eriador east of Bree-land and the Chetwood. It is a large bog, with brownish grass, vine-covered trees and stumps, scattered pools, and many midges. No orcs spawn here. The marshes are treacherous to cross, because around the pools of water there is quagmire, a substance similar to quicksand that will suffocate any passer-by careless enough to tread on it. It is said that even Rangers cannot find a permanent path through these marshes due to the shifting quagmires.

Upon entering these marshes you gain the achievement "More Midges than Water!".

Variants Edit

Midgewater Marshes - Swamp Uplands B28

Densely forested uplands bordering a fen

The Marshes come in two variants

  • Swamp Lowlands - The standard swamp variant that is more or less flat. The land is a patchwork of fens, pools and slow flowing brooks. Many ponds of quagmire make this a very treacherous landscape.
  • Swamp Uplands - Elevated areas with fewer pools of water and many more trees.

Structures Edit

The only structures that can be found here are rotten or burned ruined houses. These may contain a furnace and a chest with a few leftovers of former inhabitants.

Mobs Edit

The only mobs that spawn here are the aforementioned midges. These are meant to be as annoying as possible. Due to the incessant buzzing of the midges, many players wisely choose to travel through the marshes with their sound off.

If you shoot down midges with a hired unit you get the achievement "Anti-air support".

Vegetation Edit

Like other swamps the vegetation is lush, but in case of these marshes, the variety is rather poor. The only trees to flourish here are oaks in many varieties, such as swamp oak, and willows, which, due to the vast amount of water, are more common here than many other realms.

The undergrowth is also rather dense, but has only a limited variety of flowers. The banks and fens are teeming with reeds and sugarcane.

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