Mini-Quests are tasks for players to complete. They were added in the Beta 20 update on September 1st, 2014.

Mini-quests are started by speaking to friendly NPCs. To keep track of your quests, it is recommended that you use the Red Book, as it records the details of all your currently active mini-quests. If you spawned in a single-player world, you will find a Red Book in the starter chest, but if you started in multiplayer, the Red Book can also be crafted.

Starting a Quest


Quest panel

When talking to an NPC who you are friendly or neutral with, they may offer you a mini-quest to complete.

When that happens, a panel pops up on the screen that gives you the choice to either accept or decline the quest. It also provides a description of the quest. Pressing the 'Decline' button will not result in any penalties.

The nature of the quest can consist of any number of tasks, from killing a certain number of enemy units to simply getting a Dwarf a few raw porkchops so the family can enjoy supper.

Active Quests


Red Book icon above a Hobbit

You can only have one quest active for an NPC at once. After completing their quest, you may be offered another. There is also a limit of five active quests per faction. You can, however, remove active quests by canceling them in the Red Book.

All active quests are recorded and updated in the Red Book.

Any NPCs who you are currently questing for will not despawn. They have a Red Book icon floating above their heads, making them easier to locate. If the NPC somehow dies before the quest is complete, this will be written in the Red Book, and the quest will become invalidated, waiting for you to remove it.

Completing a Quest

Mini Quest Alignment

A reward for a quest -- in this case, it was Rohan Alignment

Once you have done your deed, return to the NPC who offered you the quest (making a custom Fast Travel waypoint near them can help with this). They will take the items you gathered for them (if applicable) and give you some reward in return -- most often alignment with their faction, the exact amount depending, of course, on how difficult the quest was to complete. As of Beta 20.1, silver coins and achievements are also awarded.

You can speak to the NPC before completing the quest, while it is still in progress. They will urge you to complete the quest and may give a reminder of what the quest requirements are. If it is a 'collect' quest (see below), they will take the items you have currently gathered from your inventory and the quest will be updated in the Red Book.

A notable feature about questing is that it allows you to get alignment without killing units. This is especially useful for the Hobbit faction before the player feels ready to leave the Shire. In fact, questing is now the only way to get Hobbit alignment besides killing dark huorns.

Mini-Quest Types

Currently, there are two main types of mini-quest in the mod, each of which has several hundred quest possibilities.

'Collect' Quests

Require you to collect a certain amount of a specific item and bring it to the NPC. These items can be obtained through any method, including crafting, looting, or drops from enemies. The amount of items the NPC requests is randomly chosen for each quest.

These quests can range from forging items for an NPC to prove your standing among their people, to collecting enemy drops as a token of strength, to bringing a Hobbit food for his uncle's birthday party, and much more.

'Kill' Quests

These types of quests require you to kill a certain number of enemies, either of a certain faction, or a specific type (e.g. Trolls ). As with other quests, in order to complete the quest you must return and speak to the NPC after having slain all the enemies.

These quests most often require you to kill enemies of the NPC who is giving the quest. For example, a Rohirrim may ask you to slay a certain amount of Uruk-hai or Dunlendings, but will never ask you to kill Mirkwood Spiders.

List of Achievements Gained From Questing

Below are a list of the current achievements that can be awarded when a player completes a mini-quest for a certain faction.

  • Local Shirriff: Complete a Hobbit mini-quest
  • Welcoming Halls: Complete a Blue Mountains mini-quest
  • Fair and Free: Complete a High Elves mini-quest
  • Errand Scout: Complete a Ranger mini-quest
  • Scavenging Filth: Complete a Gundabad mini-quest
  • Servant of Evil: Complete an Angmar mini-quest
  • Spider Spawn: Complete a Dol Guldur mini-quest
  • Trust of the Elves: Complete a Wood-elf mini-quest
  • Kin of Durin: Complete a Durin's Folk mini-quest
  • Friend of the Lady: Complete a Galadhrim mini-quest
  • Blood Pact: Complete a Dunland mini-quest
  • Esquire of Rohan: Complete a Rohan mini-quest
  • Fell Deeds Awake: Complete a Uruk-hai mini-quest
  • In Aid of Gondor: Complete a Gondor mini-quest
  • Hand of Sauron: Complete a Mordor mini-quest
  • Desert Wanderer: Complete a Near Harad mini-quest
  • Trollish Tasks: Complete a Half-troll mini-quest
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