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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Mirk-oak trees grow exclusively in the biomes of Dol Guldur, Long Marshes, Mirkwood Corrupted, Northern Mirkwood and the Woodland Realm.

In the renewed version only, the leaves have new models, with small vines sometimes appearing below them. In addition, the leaves are fully opaque to light if more than one block thick, and the roots can extend downwards. Also, Mirk-oak vines have been replaced by a biome-specific variant of normal vanilla vines. There can also be be cobwebs hanging from the trees.

Varieties of Mirk-oak[]

There are three variants of this tree: Green-oak, Red-oak and (the dark green) Mirk-oak.

The light green and red variant grow in the Woodland Realm, the home of the Wood-elves, and in the mainly uncorrupted Northern Mirkwood. Unlike the corrupt variant, they lack vines.

A red Mirk-Oak.

The dark green variant grows in Mirkwood Corrupted, Dol Guldur, Long Marshes, and occasionally in Northern Mirkwood.

The trees grown from a single sapling are similar in size to an oak tree, but with a wide, hemispherical canopy supported by branches. However, there are also the large, huge and even massive sizes, with rounder and larger canopies. The trunks of the massive Green-oaks of the Woodland Realm, whose canopies are thick and branched, often play host to one or more Wood-elf lookout platforms.

It's possible to grow a Party Tree of all 3 variants by planting 3x3 saplings and using bonemeal on one of the nine saplings.

Mirkwood corrupted as of Public Beta 24.

A large Green-oak tree with a platform on it.

When the player is near a Mirk-oak tree, individual Mirk-oak leaves may drift down if the player has high enough graphics settings, in an effect similar to that of the mallorn trees in Lothlórien.

Mirk-oak Plank, Fence, Gate, Slab, Log, Leaves, Stairs, Door, Trapdoor and Beam


Red-oaks and Green-oaks drop Green-oak wood, Mirk-oaks drop Mirk-oak wood. The raw wood can then be made into beams or wood planks. These planks, like other wooden planks, can then be crafted into stairs, fences, and slabs.

The Red-oak leaves, if sheared and obtained as a block, are a necessary ingredient in crafting Wood-elven torches.


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