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The spiders saw the sword, though I don't suppose they knew what it was, and at once the whole lot of them came hurrying after the hobbit on the ground and the branches, hairy legs waving, nippers and spinners snapping, eyes popping, full of froth and rage.

The Hobbit, Flies and Spiders

The Mirkwood Spider is the foul denizen of Mirkwood Corrupted and an enemy of the Wood-elves of Greenwood. Their first arrival to the forest once titled Greenwood (now known as Mirkwood) occurred along with the advent of the despicable "Witch Orcs of Angmar", when Sauron (also known as the Necromancer in The Hobbit) corrupted the forest.  From the corruption came these evil giant spiders.

These spiders are hostile to all other mobs and players who have a negative alignment with the Dol Guldur faction.


Mirkwood spiders inhabit the corrupted forests of Mirkwood and Dol Guldur. They come in several different sizes, from small baby spiders to enormous specimens. Do not underestimate them, as there is usually more than one. The smallest spiders are extremely fast. The green spiders have a venomous bite that gives the player the poison effect, and the venom of blue ones contains a slowness effect; the black spiders, however, are non-venomous and only deal damage.


Players positively aligned with Dol Guldur can tame the spiders just like a horse (mounting them until they like you). They do not require a saddle to control, however. Spiders must be large or medium to carry the player, to prevent arthropod child labor.

Though the spiders cannot jump, they more than make up for that with their ability to climb any vertical surface. The spiders are also not hindered by spider webs or webs of Ungoliant.

You can heal a tamed spider by feeding it bones of any kind. Each bone heals 4 health points, or 2 hearts.

The spiders can also be attached to leads and tied down to fences if need be.


Mirkwood spiders can drop string (String.png), spider-eyes (SpiderEye.png), and rarely a mystery web (MysteryWeb.png). The green variants (not any other kind!) can be right-clicked on with a glass bottle to collect a Bottle of Poison, which can then be used for various purposes.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
String Common 1-2 String.png
Spider Eye Common 1-2 SpiderEye.png
Mystery Web Rare 1 MysteryWeb.png
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