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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Just a mouthful each – for all of us. It is very precious. It is miruvor, the cordial of Imladris. Elrond gave it to me at our parting.

–Gandalf in The Ring Goes South, The Fellowship of the Ring

Miruvor is a refreshing cordial of the Elves commonly used by the Galadhrim and the High Elves of Lindon and Rivendell. When drunk, it restores hunger, grants strength and a speed bonus.


In The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf uses Miruvor, given to him by Elrond of Rivendell, to save the Fellowship from freezing to death on the sides of Caradhras. He uses it again when, defeated by the Redhorn, they are making their way to the gates of Moria, and a third time after entering the mines.


Miruvor can be brewed in the usual way in a barrel with three Mallorn nuts, one heap of sugar, one elanor and one niphredil flower, all of these placed above the customary three water buckets. Brewing encompasses five potency steps, starting at weak miruvor, then light, moderate, strong and finally potent miruvor. Each time a higher potency is achieved, the effects of the drink are increased.

brewing recipe
Mallorn Nut
Mallorn Nut
Mallorn Nut
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket


Miruvor is a speciality of the Elves; as such, it can be bought from wanderers and found in many Elven buildings, such as halls or treehouses. The Wood-elves, however, apparently do not know how to brew it. It is also possible that they have knowledge of the recipe, but do not produce it as much as their other Elven relatives.


As with most magical drinks, miruvor will not make you drunk. Depending on the potency of the drink (for more information, see brewing), Miruvor will give you a speed and a strength effect. At the weakest potency, the player gains strength and speed for a duration of ten seconds, and at its most potent, the duration is two minutes. Miruvor will also fill up your hunger bar depending upon the potency.

Potency Strength/Speed Duration Hunger Restored Saturation
Weak 0:10  2   3.2 
Light 0:20  4   6 
Moderate 0:40  8   8 
Strong 1:20  16  16   10 
Potent 2:00  20  20   13  13 

Note that the effects are not stackable. When drinking another beverage while one is already in effect (the same or another one), it merely resets the various effects to the largest duration between the remaining ones already active and the new ones. For example:

  • 1st you drink a weak Athelas brew; you get strength for 30 sec and regeneration for 15 sec.
  • 5 seconds later, you drink moderate Orc draught; regeneration remains at 10 sec, while strength increase to 1 min and you also get speed to 1 min.
  • 30 sec later, you drink potent Miruvor; strength and speed effects both increase to 2 min.
  • In all that, the regeneration, strength and speed bonuses don't change.

In the Renewed version of the mod, drinking miruvor while pledged to an Orcish faction will deal damage to you.