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Mordor is the black realm, utterly subservient to the Dark Lord Sauron. It is festering with foul creatures, most predominately the Mordor Orcs, that roam both day and night. The faction of Mordor is indisputably evil and formidable, a black tide that threatens to engulf Middle-Earth and its Free Peoples in darkness. All of Middle-earth will fall sway to the Dark Lord and his servants!


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The first being known to occupy the mountains of Mordor was Shelob, fleeing from the War of Wrath in Beleriand at the end of the First Age. She fed herself on Elves and Men living or passing nearby until these became scarce.

Sauron settled in Mordor around S.A. 1000. In the north-western corner of this land stood Mount Doom, where he had forged the One Ring. Near Orodruin he built his stronghold Barad-dûr. After this time, Sauron was known as the Dark Lord of Mordor.

For two and a half thousand years, Sauron ruled Mordor uninterruptedly. It was from Mordor that he made war against the Elves of Eregion and came to dominate most of Eriador in a period known as the Dark Years. That was until he was repelled by the High Men of Númenor. Retreating to Mordor, Sauron then directed his power over the far south and east of Mordor conquering and dominating the savage tribes of the Easterlings and the Haradrim.[4][5] Almost a thousand years later, Sauron was captured by the Númenóreans and brought to their island kingdom, eventually causing its destruction. Sauron returned to Mordor as a spirit and resumed his rule. Sauron's rule was interrupted yet again when his efforts to overthrow the surviving Men and Elves failed, and they fought their way back to their foe's domain. After several months of siege in the Battle of Dagorlad, forces of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men came into Mordor. Sauron was defeated in a final battle. For about a thousand years, Mordor was guarded by Gondor in order to prevent any evil forces from breaking out.

However, Gondor had failed in the long run; during the Great Plague, the population was so diminished that troops were recalled and the fortresses abandoned.[6] Deprived of guard, Mordor began to fill with evil things again. Minas Ithil was conquered by the Nine Ringwraiths in T.A. 2002; other fortifications that were supposed to defend Gondor from the menace inside Mordor were captured and turned into a means of shielding Mordor. Sauron resided in Dol Guldur, until the White Council attacked it in T.A. 2941, forcing Sauron to return to Mordor, where he finished reconstructing his Dark Tower. By that time Mordor was protected too well to be captured by any military might that was available to the Free Peoples; in the north of Mordor during the late third age were the great garrisons and forges of war, while surrounding the bitter inland Sea of Núrnen to the south lay the vast fields tended for the provision of the armies by hordes of slaves brought in from lands to the east and south.

The iron claw of Mordor reaches for its prize. The victory of Sauron has been three Ages in the making, but now, at long last, it is at hand. Who now has the power to stand against the legions of the Eye, innumerable and invincible? There is none who will dare oppose them. The last assault draws near, to strike a final blow to the long decline of the West. Soon a new order will rise: one of order, and of structure, and of peace. The Westlands will be brought to heel, Gondor will be razed, and the dominion of Sauron the Great will have its victory. All of Middle-earth will be his for eternity.


Mordor's area of influence is quite large. It is centered around the land itself, but expands to cover much of Gondor, Rohan, and Rhovanion, as well as some of Rhûn and Harad.

Sphere Mordor

Inter-faction relations


•Dol Guldur
•Near Harad



•Blue Mountains

•Dúnedain of the North
•Durin's Folk
•High Elves
•Woodland Realm


The armies of Mordor invade many locations, laying waste wherever they go. Mordor most commonly invades Dagorlad and Ithilien, but uncommonly invade the Brown Lands, Gondor, Harondor, and Wilderland. On very rare occasions, you may even encounter a host of Mordor Orcs in Dale, the Dead Marshes, Dor-en-Ernil, Dorwinion, the Emyn Muil, Nindalf, or the White Mountains.


Mordor's population is almost exclusively military, but a few types of traders inhabit the wastes of Mordor, as well.

  • Mordor Orc - Evil Orcs of Mordor, equipped with Mordor armour, and armed with Mordor weapons, such as scimitars, spears, battleaxes, daggers, warscythes, or warhammers. They can also be found riding Wargs.
  • Mordor Orc Archer - Mordor Orcs equipped with Orc Bows. They can be found riding Wargs as well.
  • Mordor Orc Bombardier - Mordor Orcs with armed with Orc Bombs. They are very destructive, and when the bomb has been used, the Bombardier will switch to a dagger. Hired bombardiers can be re-equipped with new bombs.
  • Mordor Warg - Wargs allied with Mordor. Wargs are rideable giant wolves, and can be saddled and equipped with Mordor Warg Armour. They can be ridden by Mordor Orcs or archers. They do not spawn in Nan Ungol.
  • Mordor Warg Bombardier - Wargs with triple-strength Orc Bombs mounted on their backs. They do not spawn naturally, though they can be hired. When they sight an enemy, they charge towards them and blow themselves up.
  • Olog-hai - Trolls bred by Sauron that do not turn to stone in the sun. They are heavily armoured and carry giant warhammers. Some can have two heads, making them even more powerful. They do not spawn in Nurn.
  • Black Uruk - Deadly Uruks bred by Sauron. They are expensive and elite shocktroops, and deal a lot of damage. They have thick Black Uruk Armour and use Black Uruk Equipment.
  • Black Uruk Archer- Black Uruks armed with Black Uruk Bows and arrows.
  • Mordor Orc Commander - Mordor traders that spawn in Mordor Orc Towers from whom you can hire all of the above. They are equipped with Mordor Armour, with the exception of the helmet, and an Orc Skull Staff. They hold a silver coin in their hand to show that they are traders.
  • Mordor Orc Trader - Mordor Traders that spawn in Orc Camps from whom you can buy and sell goods. They are equipped with Warg Fur armour. They carry coins and use daggers (which may be poisoned) to defend themselves.
  • Mordor Spider - Large spiders that spawn exclusively in Nan Ungol. They come in different sizes and inflict poison on enemies. They can be ridden by Mordor Orcs and archers. They can be bought from Mordor Orc Spider Keepers. These spiders can be tamed and ridden by evil players only.
  • Mordor Orc Spider Keeper - Mordor traders that spawn in Mordor Spider Pits from whom you can hire Mordor Spiders. They hold a silver coin in their hand to show that they are traders.
  • Slave of Núrn - Slaves who farm wheat for the food of hundreds of thousands of Orcs. They can be bought and will plant and harvest whatever seeds you give them. They only spawn in Nurn, primarily in slave farms.
  • Mordor Orc Slaver - Mordor traders that spawn in Mordor Orc Slaver Towers from whom you can hire Slaves of Núrn. They hold a silver coin in their hand to show that they are traders.
  • Banner Bearers - Orcs wielding banners. There are variants for all of Mordor's Banners, including regular Mordor Banner-Bearers, Minas Morgul Banner-Bearers, Black Uruk Banner-Bearers, and Nan Ungol Banner-Bearers. They can be hired from the various Orc hiring units.

Structures Edit

The Orcs of Mordor inhabit the following structures.

  • Mordor Tower - Tall towers made of Mordor Brick. These towers have a number of floors full of Orc guards, with windows are made of Orc Steel bars. One floor contains three Orc Bombs and three barrels of Orc Draught. At the top of the tower, a Mordor Orc Commander always spawns. Mordor banners can be found in plentiful numbers here. These towers spawn in all Mordor biomes.
  • Mordor Orc Camps - Camps with 2-4 tents (which are made of wool and charred fences, and include one loot chest), 0-2 Forge Tents (which are made of Mordor Brick and contain Orc Forges), a number of skulls on fences, orc torches, and a Morgul crafting table. Mordor Orcs spawn here, as well as a Mordor Orc Trader. They can be found across all of Mordor, except in the mountains.
  • Mordor Warg Pits - Pits of Mordor Brick that contain rideable Mordor Wargs, a chest, and an Orc with a lead. They can prove valuable for evil players, as they provide a number of readily-available mounts, and spawn in all of Mordor except the mountains and Nan Ungol.
  • Mordor Spider Pits - Structures that are similar to Warg Pits, except they contain Mordor Spiders. The spiders in the pits can be tamed, or they can be hired from Mordor Spider Keepers that spawn in the pits. These structures spawn only in Nan Ungol.
  • Núrn Wheat Farm - Small farms where Slaves of Núrn grow wheat for the Orcs of Mordor. They contain slaves, four patches of wheat, orc torches, water sources, and a Morgul crafting table. They only appear in Núrn.
  • Orc Slaver Tower - Skeletal, moderately large wooden towers with several floors. They contain Mordor Orcish guards and an Orc Slaver, from which Slaves of Núrn can be bought. They only spawn in Núrn.
  • Orc Dungeon - Underground brick structures in which spawn a number of Mordor Orcs. These can spawn in almost any biome, though only those within Mordor's area of influence will have Mordor Orcs. They also contain loot chests.

Items Edit

Mordor Shield  The Legions of Mordor  Mordor Banner

Mobs: Black Uruk (Archer) • Olog-haiOrc (Archer, Banner Bearer, Bombardier)
SlaveSpiderWarg (Bombardier)
Traders: ChieftainSlaverSpider KeeperTrader
Items: Armour (Black Uruk, Morgul, Morgul Horse, Warg) • Equipment (Black Uruk, Morgul) • Skull Staff
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeMossThornsTorch (Morgul)
Structures: CampDungeonFarmSpider PitTower (Slaver) • Warg Pit