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Mordor Rock is a stone-type block that is predominant in Mordor. Unlike with most biomes, Mordor doesn't contain any stone outside of lava pools, and the biome is instead composed primarily of this rock from bedrock to the surface. Mordor Rock is likely volcanic in nature, and may have been created by the eruptions of Mount Doom or other ancient volcanoes.

Functionally, Mordor Rock is quite similar to stone, just with a darker look. When the top of Mordor Rock blocks are exposed, they give off smoke particles, which likely represents a coating of ash. The colour of Mordor Rock most closely resembles basalt in real life, which is a common igneous extrusive rock.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Any pickaxe is capable of mining Mordor Rock, which drops itself upon being mined. Its primarily use is as a building material, and in crafting. On the Morgul crafting table, it can be used to craft Mordor bricks and pillars, Mordor Rock slabs, stairs, and walls, and the Morgul crafting table itself. On a Gondorian or Umbaric crafting table, Mordor Rock in used in the creation of Númenórean bricks and pillars.

On a vanilla crafting table, Mordor rock can be used to craft pressure plates and buttons.

Mordor Rock can be made into stairs, slabs, smooth Mordor Rock (and smooth slabs), and walls.

The Plateau of Gorgoroth, a region dominated by Mordor Rock.

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