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Far and wide her lesser broods, bastards of the miserable mates, her own offspring, that she slew, spread from glen to glen, from the Ephel Dúath to the eastern hills, to Dol Guldur and the fastnesses of Mirkwood.

–Shelob's Lair, The Two Towers

The spawn of Ungoliant.

The spiders of the Black Land infest the valley of Nan Ungol.

Mordor spiders are large spiders that spawn in Nan Ungol, the survivors of the spawn of Shelob, the spider of Cirith Ungol. They come in many different sizes, ranging from minuscule to massive. They are slightly bigger than Mirkwood spiders


Mordor Spiders spawn in groups in Nan Ungol, and 3-6 spawn during the generation of Nan Ungol Spider Pits. They also appear in Nan Ungol invasions, and can be hired from spider keepers.

Spiders come in three sizes - small, medium, and large. The health and damage dealt by each spider varies by size. Unlike with their Mirkwood-dwelling cousins, the Spiders of Mordor all have the same appearance, black with the mark of the Red Eye on their abdomens. Medium and large spiders frequently spawn with Mordor Orc riders.

Mordor Spiders will attack any enemies of Mordor, attacking after the fashion of vanilla spiders. Their bites will poison their victims, making them even more deadly.


Mordor Spiders can be tamed and ridden by players with more than +50 Mordor alignment. Spiders are tamed and ridden in the same manner as horses, but the player does not need a saddle (Saddle.png) to be able to control the spider once it has been tamed, and spiders cannot be armoured. To prevent arthropod child labour, only medium or large spiders can be ridden, either by players or by NPCs.

Mordor Spiders cannot jump, but they can climb up walls, which can be advantageous for evil players. Players can only ride them up walls for a certain amount of time, however, before the spider gets too tired and falls. Spiders do not take fall damage, but their riders still do. In addition, Mordor Spiders are not slowed by cobwebs or webs of Ungoliant.

Players can heal tamed spiders by feeding them bones, of any variety. Each bone heals 4 ( 4 ) health points.

Spiders can also be leashed and tied to fences.


Mordor Spiders drop string (String.png), spider eyes (SpiderEye.png), and occasionally some other items. Mordor spiders can also be "milked" by being right-clicked with an empty glass bottle to obtain a Bottle of Poison, similar to the green variant of Mirkwood Spider.


Mordor spiders can be hired from spider keepers, who spawn in spider pits. Players must have at least +250 Mordor alignment to hire spiders, and prices start at 30 silver coins (Coin.png). For more alignment and coins, players can hire Spider Riders as well, of both melee and archer varieties. As always, as one's alignment increases, the price to hire these units decreases.

Advantages Disadvantages
Cheap No armour
Inflict poison on enemies Has a chance of three spider types, and could mess with your plans (if you need speedy, small servants, you may get a large variant, which is slower)
Can be a mount for Mordor Orcs and Mordor Orc archers
Can scale walls
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