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Morwaith hunter camps spawn in Far Harad (arid) savannahs and Far Harad forests, in unpopulated regions only. These are the camps where the Morwaith rest after a hard day of hunting.


They contain several little shacks around a Morwaith crafting table. Each of the shacks has a thatch flooring, a straw bed and a basket in which you can find some loot.


Each small shack is inhabited by a single warrior.


Moredain Shield.png  The Morwaith of Far Harad  Moredain Banner.PNG

NPCs: Morwaith (Banner Bearer, Warrior, Mercenary)
Traders: ChieftainHuntsmanHutmaker
Items: Armour (Chieftain) • Equipment
Blocks: BasketBrickCrafting Table
Structures: Hunter CampVillageMercenary Camp