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Morwaith Mercenaries are warriors-for-hire that can be found all over Near Harad. Though they originally hail from the northern Morwaith tribes of the Grasslands, their loyalties are to the highest bidder. They are nominally a part of the Near Harad faction, though they also have residual loyalties to their Morwaith brethren as well, and will not serve enemies of the Shadow.

Morwaith Mercenaries spawn in Morwaith Mercenary Camps, which can be found across Harnennor, Umbar, the Southron Coasts, the Half-deserts, and the Gulf of Harad. They carry equipment given to them by their Southron allies, but they carry shields of the Morwaith. Morwaith Mercenaries will spawn wearing Harnennor, Umbaric, Coast Southron or Gulfen armour, but with Harad Turbans instead of helmets. They can wield Umbaric or Haradric weapons.

These Mercenaries have a long and proud history. They come originally from the hunter-tribes of the Arid Grasslands, who have sent their best warriors north to aid their Southron allies since the wars with Númenor in the Second Age. Morwaith Mercenaries have served kings and princes all over Near Harad, and are revered as unmatched hunters by the Southrons. Mercenaries have routinely served with the Southrons in their wars against Gondor, with one Morwaith Mercenary having killed King Ciryandil himself in a battle in Umbar.

Mercenaries have 20 HP and can be hired by talking to one, given that the player hasn't provoked them recently and has the necessary silver coins.


Morwaith Mercenaries spawn in Mercenary Camps in small groups of up to ten.


Morwaith mercenaries will wander around the camp in which they spawn, and will attack anything that provokes them or any nearby Morwaith NPCs. Like Morwaith Warriors, they have the unique ability to sprint in combat, making them a force to be reckoned with if provoked. Mercenaries will carry a silver coin in their left hands if not hired.

All four possible armour configurations for Morwaith Mercenaries.


A Morwaith Mercenary in a player-made castle

Morwaith mercenaries usually drop bones when killed, but they can also sometimes drop coins or a piece of their equipped armour or even the weapon they're holding.


Morwaith mercenaries can charge as low as 10 coins for their services for players who are friends of the Morwaith, though they can charge up to 40 coins for everyone else.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very cheap Will take a bit of time to get to Near Harad
Reasonable armour Melee only



  • I fight for coin, not for glory.
  • Got any of that shiny silver? Otherwise, our conversation is done.
  • Yes, we borrow the weapons of our Northern friends, but we are far more capable warriors than they.
  • As long as you don't turn against my people, we have a deal.
  • We are blessed with the strength of the Great Lion, Person. Wouldn't you say that's worth a few coins?
  • The Snake-Men armed us. We will fight in return.
  • Snake-Men told us that silver coins are used to pay for services, Person.
  • As long as I get paid, I will be glad to fight the Northlings, Person.
  • Serpents, Lions and Flaming Eyes? Enough silver and I shall follow any banner, Person.
  • Follow a pale-skin? If I get paid, I don't see why not.
  • No need to pack my tent. I am ready to leave any moment.
  • Friends of mine have fallen back into slavery. I need payments before I do any work, Person.
  • I hunt great beasts all across the Sunlands. Northern Men will be no trouble!


  • I'll defeat you, in name of the Snake-men!
  • Great Serpent, allow me to strangle this attacker!
  • Great Lion, give me the courage and strength to smite this fool!
  • Flaming Eye, burn my opponent to ash!
  • I fought your kind before. I shall again long after you are gone!
  • I will drink from your skull!
  • Less talking, more bleeding!
  • That's a fine head you will lose from your shoulders!
  • Spear, dagger, axe and blade, I mastered them all!
  • Great Lion, show this pup the strength of the Sunlands!
  • Great Serpent, strangle my foe's kin, and poison their streams!
  • The Great Eye shall scour your people from the face of the earth!
  • Flee, scum!
  • You'd better start running, Person. I love a good hunt!
  • I might just crush you with something blunt!


  • Yes, we borrow the weapons of our Northern friends, but we are far more capable warriors than they.
  • I bested the Forest-Men, I can best the Snake-Men. Anywhere where you lead me, I can best them.
  • The Snake-Men armed us. We will fight in return.
  • The Great Lion's power is at your command.
  • Guide me to the enemy, and I shall display my strength to you.
  • Still, the customs of the Snake-men confuse me. Why would you only pay me once? Oh well...
  • Take me to the colder lands, Person.
  • Lead the hunt!
  • Now, we shall do some harm to the pale Men!
  • Do we set up camp here, Person?
  • I hunt great beasts all across the Sunlands. Northern Men will be no trouble!
  • What are your orders?
  • Now I think of it, Person, under what banner do you march?
  • I'm glad to leave that old camp behind me, Person.
  • Any chance we could avoid the firestone lands?
  • The Flaming Eye works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?
  • We have always fought alongside the Snake-men, but any enemy of my enemy is my chief.
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