The Morwaith Mercenary Camp can be found throughout Near Harad.

Characteristics Edit


A practice dummy.

The camp consists of up to four tents around a Table of Command in the middle. There is usually also a small farm to one side with eight wheat guarded by a scarecrow. Also one or more practice dummies made of wool, a skull and levers are often included.

Up to ten mercenaries can reside in a camp at any given time, there they stay in preparation for the war in the north or a player hiring them.

Morwaith Mercenary Camp

A Morwaith Mercenary Camp in the Gulf of Harad

Morwaith Mercenary TentEdit

The Morwaith Mercenary Tent is made of red, orange or brown wool striped with black, and has a post on either end to keep it up.

Inside the tent is a basket with mostly drink and either Haradric, Gulfen, or Umbaric equipment. On the front and back of each tent there is either a pair of Morwaith or Near Harad banners.

Moredain Shield  The Morwaith of Far Harad  Moredain Banner

NPCs: Morwaith (Banner Bearer, Warrior, Mercenary)
Traders: ChieftainHuntsmanHutmaker
Items: Armour (Chieftain) • Equipment
Blocks: BasketBrickCrafting Table
Structures: Hunter CampVillageMercenary Camp

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