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The Morwaith Zebra Rider is a cavalry unit found in the populated areas of the Far Harad Savannah.


Morwaith zebra riders wear Morwaith armour and can carry any of the weapons of the Morwaith, namely the spear, battleaxe, club, and dagger (as well as the poisoned variant).


Morwaith Zebra riders will spawn rarely anywhere that Morwaith Warriors spawn, meaning the populated areas of the Far Harad Savannah. They like all other mounted mobs have an increased sight range and speed.


They can be hired from a Morwaith Chieftain, who can be found in a Chieftain Hut, which can be found in Morwaith Villages.

To hire one, you will need at least +250 alignment with the Morwaith, as well as needing to pay 20 Silver Coins per unit.

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Moredain Shield.png  The Morwaith of Far Harad  Moredain Banner.PNG

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