The Mountain crept ever nearer, until, if they lifted their heavy heads, it filled all their sight, looming vast before them: a huge mass of ash and slag and burned stone, out of which a sheer-sided cone was raised into the clouds. Before the daylong dusk ended and true night came again they crawled and stumbled to its very feet.

The Return of the King, Mount Doom

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Mount Doom is a structure in the Lord of the Rings Mod which, similarly to The Pits, always spawns in the same spot in every world. This location is just south of the Mount Doom waypoint, or around x=92718, z=60970.

There aren't any special traders or other attractions at the top of this mountain as of yet, but Orc Camps and Mordor Towers have a chance of spawning on the slopes of this mountain.


Mount Doom is a large, very round mountain, which reaches a maximum height at y=232. At the top of Mount Doom, there is a crater full of lava.


This is the fifth structure that always spawns in the same place, regardless of the world.

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