The Mountains of the Wind are an ancient mountain range located in southeast Rhûn. They are connected to the Rhûn forest and to the Last Desert through their foothills. They are composed of stone and clay. Upon entering this biome you get the achievement "The Whispering Towers".

This mountain range was only mentioned in early versions of the Legendarium and shown on the Ambarkanta maps, labeled as "After the war of the Gods". These mountains were named for the strong winds that blew through them from the east.

Sub-biomes Edit

The Foothills of the Wind Edit

The foothills are smaller then the Mountains of the Wind. In the foothills there is lots of flora and fauna unlike the Mountains of the Wind themselves.

Biome Variants Edit

  • Forest - This biome variant is often lower than the standard and slightly hilly. The variant is also filled with larch, pine, spruce, fir, and maple trees. Small bushes, and thistle plants, and sometimes poppy flowers, bluebells and wheatgrass also spawn here. The ground is made up of grass, podzol, and barren dirt. Lakes are rarer in this variant than in the standard. Rabbits, birds and butterflies spawn commonly. Fallen leaves are common on the ground for any of the standard trees. Mountains spawn in this region also, but it is rare.
  • Forest Light - This biome variant is almost identical with the normal forest variant, but has less vegetation.
  • Larch Forest - This variant is a forest domiated by larch trees.
  • Maple Forest - This variant is a forest domiated by maple trees.
  • Pine Forest - This variant is a forest domiated by pine trees.
  • Standard - This biome variant is the standard variant, but can include all that is found within the other biome variants, but has the ability to spawn wide open plains very rarely.

Structures Edit

No structures exist in the Mountains of the Wind, for none have lived here since the dawn of Arda.

Mobs Edit

Rabbits, birds and butterflies spawn in the forest and light forest biomes more commonly than in the standard biome.

Mining Edit

Cave systems are common and are usually filled with coal, with other ores and stalagmites being uncommon.

Tin and copper ore are also found more commonly on top of mountains, instead of caves.

Vegetation Edit

Maple, pine, spruce, larch and fir trees at lower elevations.

Quotes Edit

"Mountains of the Wind are just a 'novelty' right now. Once they have actual content, there will be waypoints there. But right now, they're just there because I felt like adding them." -- Mevans

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