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Mushroom stew is a vanilla food type made of, as the name suggests, mushrooms (red and brown).

Milking Mooshrooms[edit | edit source]

Mushroom stew can be obtained by “milking” (right-clicking) a mooshroom (bovine animal found in the overworld) with an empty bowl. The bowl will be filled with the mushroom stew.

(No Mooshrooms spawn in Middle earth)

If a stack of bowls is used on a mooshroom, only one bowl is filled, and the mushroom stew will go into an empty inventory slot, or be dropped if the player's inventory is full.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

vanilla crafting recipe
Mushroom Stew

Usage[edit | edit source]

A bowl of mushroom stew restores 6 ( 6 ) and 6 ( 6 ) saturation points.

The bowl is returned to the player empty after the stew has been eaten, and can be re-used to craft more.

The video shows how to make mushroom stew.

Note: Mushroom stew no longer restores 8 ( 8 ) hunger points, but 6 ( 6 ).

Food of Middle-earth
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