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Mutton yesterday, mutton today and blimey if it don't look like mutton again tomorrow...

–The Hobbit, Chapter two, Roast Mutton

Mutton is a type of food, obtained by killing sheep, and was implemented in Public Beta 25.


The simplest way of obtaining mutton, is by killing sheep. Upon death, sheep may drop anything from one to three pieces of raw mutton, alongside wool. This feature can be disabled via the config file.

However, mutton may also be found in a variety of other Hobbit structures, including Hobbit holes and Hobbit picnic benches. Mutton, can also be sold to (raw) or bought from (cooked) Hobbit bartenders, found in their taverns. Trolls and Hill-trolls may drop raw mutton as well.


Mutton can be cooked in a furnace or Hobbit oven, cooking raw mutton also increases the amount of hunger-points, restored after consuming the food (see infobox).

heat needed
raw mutton
any kind of fuel
cooked mutton
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