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Minecraft uses NBT to store information about entities, containers, and items. This page documents the basic structure of how NBT is used for items, and the tags the LOTR mod adds. The basic idea behind the NBT format and how the LOTR mod uses it can be found here. This page uses the same data-type abbreviations and formats as the mentioned page. Most of the example tags can be used in the /give command.

Itemstack tagsEdit

When an item is stored in an inventory or sent in a packet, there is a format universally followed within Minecraft to identify the attributes of a certain item. These are:

{} The compound tag representing the item.
[sh] id: The item id. Must be numerical and not the text of the item's unlocalized name.
[b] Count: How many of the item are stored in the slot. Valid values are 1 through 64 for most items.
[sh] Damage: The damage for this item: either the number of uses left (tools, etc.), or stores additional item data (vanilla potions).
{} tag: Additional data for this item. This is optional and may not be present on some items.

If the item is in a container, it may contain this tag as well:

[int] Slot: The inventory slot of the container this item is stored in.

List of TagsEdit

This list is still very incomplete.


{} LOTRCrossbowAmmo: The loaded ammo item as represented in the above listed Itemstack tag. If the crossbow isn't loaded this tag doesn't exist.
[?] LOTRCrossbowLoaded: This tag isn't used anymore. If it's given to a crossbow it will be loaded with a normal bolt and it will be removed the next time the crossbow is used. Presumably this tag got replaced in Public Beta 33 when poisoned bolts got added.
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