The NEI Plugin is a utility developed by The Ranger Malvegil, which adds support for the popular crafting recipe plugin, NotEnoughItems, to the Lord of the Rings Mod.

The repository of the addon can be found here, please post suggestions/bug reports/crashes/etc. on the issue tracker. The official announcement thread of the addon is here.


Note that the NEI plugin is actually two mods: a general mod for writing recipe handlers for NEI, and a set of handlers that is LOTR specific. That means you need the following dependencies in order to use the mod:

  • CodeChickenCore
  • NEI
  • NEI Recipe Handlers


Currently, the NEI plugin supports the following:

  • Crafting recipes on all tables
  • Support for all alloy forges
  • Brewing
  • Ent-draught
  • Trading
  • Hobbit Oven
  • Millstone
  • Kebab Stand
  • Unsmeltery

It notably doesn't support Mini-quests, although this feature will be added in a future version of the addon.

Officially supported mods:

Lord of the Rings Mod
Utilities: JoetaterNEI PluginPvP ModeSiegeMode

Unsupported mods:

Recommended 3rd party mods: FastCraft
Mevans' other mods: The Lion King Mod

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