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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

The Northern Lights, known in Sindarin as Celaid Feredrin, or in Latin as Aurora Borealis, are an environmental phenomenon that can be found in the Northern regions of Middle-Earth. They appear as ribbons of light in the sky, with colours varying between green, blue, red, or even purple.


The Northern Lights appear in the Northern biomes of the map, such as Forodwaith, Angmar, Ettenmoors, and the Northlands. Traveling North, the auroras first appear to be far away in the distance. The further North you travel, the close they appear, until eventually they are directly above you.

The lights appear every other night, and persist until dawn. Some say that at certain times of year (in both Middle-earth and the real world) the auroras can be seen further south than ever...



The Northern Lights were added to the mod in Update 36. They were then added to the renewed version in Renewed Snapshot 1.4, but originally only in Forodwaith as the Middle-earth map generation had not then been added.

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