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Neither [Sam] nor Frodo knew anything of the great slave-worked fields away south in this wide realm, beyond the fumes of the Mountain by the dark sad waters of Lake Núrnen[.]

The Return of the King, The Land of Shadow

Nurn Wheat Farms are small farms that can be found throughout the region of Nurn. They are used by the slaves of Nurn to harvest wheat.


Each farm spawns two slaves of Nurn inside a square of Mordor brick enclosed in Mordor brick walls.

The farm has one wheat field in each corner consisting of 56 crops in total. In the middle of the farm, there is a Morgul crafting table, where the harvested wheat can be crafted into maggoty bread.


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Mobs: Black Uruk (Archer) • Olog-haiOrc (Archer, Banner Bearer, Bombardier)
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