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This page is about obsidian gravel, you might be looking for ordinary gravel or for Mordor gravel.

Obsidian gravel is a block quite similar (in colour and apperance) to Mordor gravel. It is found in rather rare deposits all through the Far Harad jungle and the Far Harad Volcano. You can mine it like every other gravel block, but it doesn't drop flint.


It looks like ordinary gravel, but much darker. Compared to Mordor gravel, it looks more blueish than dark gray.

A patch of obsidian gravel near a jungle tree.


The gravel can be used for building and decoration purposes. More importantly, it can be ground in a millstone for obsidian shards, which are useful in creating Taurethrim equipment. It may be easier to mine and break down obsidian blocks rather than to seek and gather obsidian gravel. Like other gravel blocks, obsidian gravel responds to gravity.

(!Warning, not blast resistant!)


As of Public Beta 29, slabs are used to create smoother roads, and it's also possible to create them, using a normal crafting table and the standard slab recipe:

vanilla crafting recipe
Obsidian Gravel
Obsidian Gravel
Obsidian Gravel
Obsidian Gravel Slab