One was clad in ragged brown and was armed with a bow of horn […]

The Return of the King, The Land of Shadow

(see also: Bow)

The Orc bow is the weapon of choice for many archers of varying Orc factions (namely Mordor, Angmar, and Dol Guldur) for use in battle. It's slightly more powerful than a vanilla bow and draws just as quickly, but is still relatively weak compared to many other faction bows.


Draw Time (ticks) Ranged Damage Range
20 7-12 (7hearts to 10hearts2hearts) 113%


The Orc bow is rather easy to obtain, as many kinds of Orc archers have a rare chance of dropping them when they're slain. Alternatively, Orc Bows can be crafted on a Morgul, Angmar, or Dol Guldur crafting table with Orc Steel and string, as shown below. They can also be obtained by looting Orc camps.

Orkish crafting recipe
Orkish Crafting
Orc Steel Ingot
Orc Steel Ingot
Orc Steel Ingot
Orc Bow
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