Orc camps are makeshift settlements of travelling Orcs and can be found in nearly every biome in which orcs spawn.


A typical camp (front to back): A Table of Command, two tents, a chieftain, and a farm. Several Uruks are visiting the camp.

They normally contain a Table of Command in the centre and, if you are lucky, a forge tent and atop of the table either a trader or a chieftain. As they generally spawn in biomes where Orcs spawn, there might also be some other of the faction's Orcs around. Around the camp are skulls on fenceposts. The camps are illuminated by Orc torches. Also included is a small farm and up to four Orc tents around the center, some of which may be forge tents.


The following table shows some details, which are different for the various Orc camps:

faction added in crafting table locations building material traders
Angmar Public Beta 22 Angmar Angmar charred fenceposts
brown, black, or grey wool
Angmar bricks
Angmar Orc trader
Dol Guldur Public Beta 22 Dol Guldur Dol Guldur
Wilderland (south)
charred fenceposts
brown, black, or grey wool
Dol Guldur bricks
Dol Guldur Orc trader
Gundabad Public Beta 15 Gundabad Eriador
and surroundings
Wilderland (north)
charred fenceposts
brown, black, or grey wool
Gundabad Orc Scrounger
or chieftain
(one of them)
Isengard Public Beta 6 Uruk Uruk highlands
Nan Curunir
Fangorn wasteland Adornland
charred fenceposts
brown, black, or grey wool
Uruk bricks
Uruk trader
or chieftain
(one of them)
Mordor Public Beta 6 Morgul Mordor
Wilderland (south)
charred fenceposts
brown, black, or grey wool
Mordor bricks
Mordor Orc trader


The camps are made up of tents, which are made of wool and charred wood fences. Each tent contains a chest that may contain the faction's ingots, armour, weapons, bones, rotten flesh, maggoty bread, coal, sticks and other items. Before Public Beta 30, they were all black, in this update, brown and grey tents were added. The tents also contain a normal and a faction-specific crafting table.

Forge TentsEdit

Sometimes one or more of these ordinary tents will be replaced by a forge tent, that is made of the factions bricks (or cobblestone). Instead of a chest, they always contain an orc forge that can be used by all players, as the usage does not depend of alignment.


Orc camps also contain a small wheat farm with eight pieces of fully grown wheat. Mordor camps, however, have Morgul-shroom farms with eight Morgul-shrooms, instead of the wheat. Since Public Beta 31, a scarecrow is also included, even in Mordor, where no birds spawn at all.


Since Public Beta 30, there is only a chance for each camp to have a trader or a chieftain, before it was nearly guaranteed. Also, the camp now contains an invisible spawner for ordinary orcs and warriors, before the update, it was just random orcs wandering in.

Trading and hiringEdit

If your alignment with the respective faction is appropriate, then you'll be able to trade with the trader or hire some units from the chieftain, if you are lucky and they are found in the camp. If your alignment is too low, go and get some quests or slay some of their enemies.


Angmar Shield  The Raiders of Angmar  Angmar Banner

NPCs: Orc (Archer, Banner Bearer, Bombardier) • Troll (Chieftain, Hill) • Warg (Bombardier)
Traders: ChieftainTrader
Items: Armour (Morgul, Morgul Horse, Warg) • ChainEquipment (Morgul) • Skull Staff
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch (Morgul)
Structures: CampDungeonHoardShrineTowerWarg Pit

Angmar Shield  The Hillmen of Rhudaur  Rhudaur Banner

NPCs: Rhudaur Hillman (Axe-thrower, Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: Chieftain
Structures: CastleVillage

Dol Guldur Shield  The Regiments of Dol Guldur  Dol Guldur Banner

NPCs: Orc (Archer, Banner Bearer) • Olog-haiSpider
Traders: ChieftainTrader
Items: Armour (Morgul, Morgul Horse) • ChainEquipment (Morgul)
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch (Morgul)
Structures: AltarCampSpider PitTower

Gundabad Shield  The Hosts of Gundabad  Gundabad Banner

NPCs: Orc (Archer, Banner Bearer) • Uruk (Archer) • Warg
Traders: ChieftainScrounger
Items: ArmourChainEquipmentSkull Staff
Blocks: BedCrafting TableForgeTorch
Structures: CampDungeon

Uruk Hai Shield  The Battalions of Isengard  Uruk Banner

NPCs: Uruk (Banner Bearer, Berserker, Crossbower, Sapper)
Snaga (Archer) • Warg (Bombardier)
Traders: ChieftainTrader
Items: Armour (Warg) • ChainEquipmentSkull Staff
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch
Structures: CampDungeonWarg Pit

Mordor Shield  The Legions of Mordor  Mordor Banner

Mobs: Black Uruk (Archer) • Olog-haiOrc (Archer, Banner Bearer, Bombardier)
SlaveSpiderWarg (Bombardier)
Traders: ChieftainCaptainSlaverSpider KeeperTraderWicked Dwarf
Items: Armour (Black Uruk, Morgul, Morgul Horse, Warg) • Chain
Equipment (Black Uruk, Morgul) • Skull Staff
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeMossThornsTorch (Morgul)
Structures: CampDungeonFarmFortressMount DoomSpider PitTower (Slaver) • Warg Pit

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