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Pablo is one of the moderators of the Facebook page. He is a wiki. He is also dashingly handsome and a fine player of polo.

Even though Pablo is a Facebook moderator, he sometimes comments using his personal account, Pablo Williams. Usually, he will make fun of the latest addition to the mod using his personal account (for example, asking Mevans to add Gandalf or Minas Tirith) and then he will comment on his own post using his moderator's account, telling Pablo Williams to stop posting those comments. Oddly enough, this tactic seems to fool some people into thinking that he does not read the FAQ, and people tell Mevans and the other moderators to ban Pablo Williams, without realizing that Pablo Williams is really only making a joke.

Who is Pablo? Well one thousand years ago meme nations rose from the ashes of the holy Atlantis Empire of Northern Wales. They were a prosperous people who rode upon sheep. However, they were soon attacked by the great potato farming of 1847 which caused all of their bases to belong to me. From this ruin a giant avocado plant grew until it was the same size as a normal avocado plant. Over time people realised memes had gotten old already, then Pablo arrived with more memes in a giant sack of memes made out of memes. He gradually made everyone accept his memes. but then gcses came along and stole the memes so Pablo set off on a great journey to take back the memes from evil lord Marko, an old steward of Kim Ill Sung. Then something else of little importance did occur but I cba to write about it yet until later maybe no. Then everyone agreed Pablo was so funny he should be voted most handsome memer of 1945, most glorious memer of 1712 and the real memer of our times. Long story short: He is amazing and great and you are not, so bow before him, and join his fan group. Part two coming soon maybe no.

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