Wearing party hats is obligatory for every proper Middle-earth party. NPCs have been seen wearing them on certain holidays. They do not drop the hat when killed. Party hats can be worn by the player in place of a helmet. The hats are mainly for decoration and provide no protection. Like all clothing items, they can be placed on armour stands.

If you feel like being creative, it is also possible to dye the hats. Every colour is applicable to the hat.

Obtaining Edit

Party hats can not be crafted, but only be found in crackers, which can be bought from a merchant. The hats can be sold for quite a high price to oddment collectors.

Dyeing and Undyeing Edit

Party hats can be dyed by combining them with 1-8 pieces of any dye, with the more dye added, the darker the hat becomes. If you want to undye your hats, put them in a cauldron with water.

vanilla crafting recipe
Yellow Dye
Yellow Dye
Yellow Dye
Yellow Dye
Party Hat
Yellow Dye
Yellow Dye
Yellow Dye
Yellow Dye
Yellow Party Hat

Trivia Edit

All NPCs have a chance to wear a Party Hat upon Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (for more see here)!

Other important party preparations Edit

  • Celebrate under or (more fun!) on top of a party tree.
  • Get enough food and drink.
  • Get some crackers for more fun.
  • Hire a band.
  • Invite some guests.
  • Display fireworks at night.
  • Constantly yell "I want Mevans to add Gandalf!" This definitely won't cause any trouble at all...

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