Pelargir is a port situated on the banks of the Anduin, and the capital of Lebennin. Its white coasts and plains are guarded by marines.

Upon entering the fiefdom of Pelargir, you gain the achievement "The Royal Havens".

Glflegolas did a regional spotlight of Pelargir, which may be found here. If you plan on visiting, make sure to check that out.

Variants Edit

  • Apple-Pear Orchard - An orchard containing apple and pear trees.
  • Almond Orchard - An orchard containing almond trees.
  • Olive Orchard - An orchard containing olive trees.
  • Plum Orchard - An orchard containing plum trees.

Structures Edit

  • Pelargir Watchfort - Variants of the Gondor Watchfort that generate in Pelargir. They consist of a gated main building with a bridge that leads to a Gondorian Beacon Tower. The main building has four floors. The first floor contains four barrels of ale and two chests, as well as Gondorian crafting tables. The second floor contains another chest, the third has an entry to the bridge, and the fourth floor is an open balcony wherein dwells a Pelargir Commander. The fortress interior and on the bridge to the beacon tower are guarded by Pelargir Marines. The beacon towers are guarded by Gondorian Tower Guards.
  • Ruined Gondor Tower - Two floored tower with battlements on the top. Includes a bed and a Gondorian Crafting Table along with other useful items.
  • Gondor Obelisk - Slim tower with a Beacon of Gondor on top.
  • Gondor Ruins - Scattered ruins of an unrecognizable building. Small variants have tombs beneath, which contain treasure chests and a Gondor Ruins Wraith
  • Pelargir Villages and Towns - These come in three variants and contain a large number of structures, inhabitants and goods. There are villages dominated by people from both greater Gondor and by local people from Pelargir. These can be distinguished by the typical use of the banners of Lebinnin and Pelargir and the use of Gondorian Brick and white sandstone.

Mobs Edit

Pelargir is guarded by Lebennin Levymen and Pelargir Marines, who defend the Royal Havens from intruders. Civilian NPCs can be found on towns and villages. Enemy NPCs, like the Orcs of Mordor, only spawn as part of Invasions.

Vegetation Edit

The plains of Pelargir are populated with oak, birch, cypress, cedar and olive trees. There are also olive and almond orchard biome variants.

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