Pelargir equipment is the equipment set utilized by the Pelargir marines and captains. It includes a short Eket-sword and a trident.

Pelargir TridentEdit

Damage Speed Reach Knockback Possible modifiers
7.5 (8hearts) 68% 150% Normal enduring, hardy, lasting, blessed, blunt, chilling, crooked, dull, dwarfbane, elfbane, fortunate, headhunting, hefty, hulking, infernal, keen, legendary, long, lucky, mighty, orcbane, sharp, slow, spiderbane, stunted, swift, trollbane, wargbane, wightbane, and wraithbane
Gondorian crafting recipe
Gondorian Crafting
any stick
Iron Ingot
any stick
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Pelargir Trident

A Pelargir trident is a three-pronged melee weapon sometimes wielded by marines. It inflicts +6.5 attack damage and has an extra reach modifier that gives it a reach equal to that of a spear.

Pelargir EketEdit

Gondorian crafting recipe
Gondorian Crafting
Iron Ingot
any stick
Iron Ingot
Pelargir Eket

The Eket was first utilized by the Numenoreans as a short sword. Now, the marines use this weapon in defense of their shores. It inflicts 6.5 points of damage, and has a standard attack speed and reach, like other swords.

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