Where did you come by this weed, you villains?

–Gimli, The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers

Where would we hobbits be without pipeweed?

–Various hobbits

Pipeweed is an item used with a pipe to blow smoke rings. You must have pipeweed in your inventory to use a pipe, and every time you blow a smoke ring one piece of pipeweed is consumed. Every consumed pipeweed restores 1 (1food).

Pipeweed can be made from drying leaves in a furnace or Hobbit oven (and is the only non-food item which the latter can smelt besides reeds). It can also be obtained as a drop from Hobbits, or purchased from bartenders.

Pipeweed PlantEdit

PipeweedPlant The first step to produce your own pipeweed, is to get a pipeweed plant  (or Sweet Galenas). It is found quite commonly in the Shire and - since Public Beta 29 - rarely in Gondor, Ithilien and Dor-en-Ernil (and their sub-biomes), in patches similar to other plants. It emits smoke particles, similarly to the pipeweed crop. Using bonemeal on the grass in the Shire may yield them.

If hit, it drops one plant. These are stackable up to 64. When crafted on a regular crafting table, it makes two seeds.

Pipeweed SeedsEdit

PipeweedSeeds The second step is gaining some pipeweed seeds to grow pipeweed crops. They can be obtained by crafting plants or leaves and by harvesting crops.

Pipeweed CropEdit


In the third step, sow those seeds, to obtain a pipeweed crop. When the crop is fully grown, it emits smoke particles and can be harvested. It drops 1-3 leaves and 1-3 seeds. They are found naturally in some Hobbit farms. Pipeweed is a favourite among Hobbits, and so is predominately found in this region.

Pipeweed LeafEdit

PipeweedLeaf The fourth and last step is to harvest pipeweed leaves and dry them in a furnace or Hobbit oven to produce pipeweed, which can then be smoked using a pipe. Smoking replenishes 1 (1food), so pipeweed can also be seen as food. The leaves can also be sold to bartenders in the Shire and Uruk traders.


Pipeweed was originally brought to Middle-earth by the Númenóreans during the Second Age. It is known by many names throughout Middle-earth, including Sweet Galenas (Dúnedain of the North), Westmans-Weed (Gondor) and, of course, Pipeweed (Hobbits). Gandalf himself was taught how to smoke it by the hobbits. Saruman originally advised Gandalf against it, but eventually he gave in and took up smoking himself. There are several varieties of pipeweed, grown in different regions of Middle-Earth. These varieties include Old Toby, Longbottom Leaf, Southlinch, and Southern Star. Pipeweed is highly valued by the hobbits and, as the LotR mod hobbit speech banks will tell you, the hobbits believe they would be lost without it. It was smoked by many of the peoples of Middle-earth. Gandalf, Gimli and Strider were notable smokers of the plant.

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