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The following features are already planned to be added to the mod in the future.


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Items in bold and with an * are confirmed to be added in the next mod update.

Gameplay Features

  • Major quest system
  • Music, possibly different music depending on the biome (see Music Packs)
  • Ring forging
  • Slave rebellions from the Slaves of Nurn
  • Seasons
  • More troop commanding abilities for the Table of Command (nothing specific known yet)
  • Small armies of enemy factions headhunting the player
  • Portals to the First/Second Ages (see here)


  • Lossoth (added in renewed)
  • Woodmen of Mirkwood (including Beornings)
  • Drúedain
  • Wainriders/Balchoth
  • Dwarves of the Red Mountains
  • Eastern Avari Elves, incl. those in Eryn Caran and on Tol Rhúnaer
  • Variags of Khand
  • Limwaith
  • Lake-town/Esgaroth (sub-factions)


  • Cerinrim
  • Black Númenóreans of Far Harad
  • A second faction of Dwarves in the east
  • Various factions of Harhûdor and the Uttermost East, at least three, of which at least one will be good aligned


  • Verbatim from Mevans: "All the vanilla animals have been planned to be removed for a long time (except possibly Sheep) and replaced with new wild ones, unfortunately, I only ever made the boars and then got distracted."
  • Canon characters (i.e. Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, Gandalf, etc.)
  • Cave trolls
  • Dragons (note that Smaug is dead by the time the mod takes place and will not be added)
  • Fell beasts


  • Great eagles
  • Mûmakil (a.k.a. Oliphaunts)
  • Nazgûl
  • Vampire bats
  • Wildlife in the waters
  • Much more animals in agreement with lore and the endless list of other possible, obvious additions
  • Explicitly announced animals: Jaguars, Hippos, Large Apes, and Monkeys
  • Note that 'Goblin' is another name for Orcs and therefore will not be added separately.


  • Major structures (i.e. Minas Tirith, Helm's Deep, etc.)
  • Villages for other factions


  • Carriages/Chariots
  • Rings of Power
  • Ships
  • Siege weapons
  • LOTR fitting paintings (with input from the user community, similar to lore texts) - note that the Emmaitar mod is a partial implementation of this, in a user-customisable way
  • Rope system for signal transmission (Middle-earth replacement for Redstone wiring)



Mevans has mentioned that for the Renewed version of the mod he would like to make changes to some of the mod's gameplay features. Partly this is due to the use of data packs and other features in the newer versions of Minecraft, but largely it is due to the multiple years of user feedback and experience of the mod that has made reworking some systems desirable (even though it would have been difficult in the Legacy version without causing controversy/unnecessary effort).

  • A reworked and greatly expanded speechbank system that allows translations and customisation with resource packs, as well as being predicate-based. This system is named Curuquesta.
  • A 'theft' system where NPCs have AI allowing them to respond to theft (by calling the guards or causing the player to lose alignment) from tile entities within their structures (similar to how piglins respond to theft in the Nether, as well as the current pickpocketing mechanics in the Legacy version).
  • Reworked banner protection system that is saved outside of region files - meaning it isn't dependent on the banner being loaded in the world to function.
  • 'Underground biome variants' - this was mentioned by Mevans before 1.17 was officially announced to be a cave update. Specific variants mentioned include mushroom caves, crystal caves, spiderweb caves, larger caves, more dripstones, different stone types etc. It is not known how these plans have been affected by 1.17.

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