The following features are already planned for the mod in the future.  

Violators will be banned! You have been warned. 

Items in bold and with an * are confirmed to be added in the next mod update.  

Gameplay Features

  • Major quest system
  • Music, possibly different music depending on the biome
  • Portal to the First Age
  • Ring forging
  • Slave rebellions from the Slaves of Nurn
  • Seasons
  • More troop commanding abilities for the Table of Command (nothing specific known yet)
  • Small armies of enemy factions headhunting the player
  • Levelling-up features for hired troops and/or players


  • Lossoth
  • Bree
  • Druedain
  • Woodmen of Mirkwood, incl. Beornings
  • Lake-town/Esgaroth (sub-factions)
  • Eastern Avari Elves, incl. those in Eryn Caran and on Tol Rhûnaer
  • Dwarves of the Red Mountains
  • Wainriders/Balchoth
  • Variags of Khand
  • Limwaith


  • Cerinrim
  • Black Númenoreans of Far Harad
  • A second faction of Dwarves in the east
  • Various factions of Harhûdor and the Uttermost East, at least three, of which at least one will be good aligned


  • Verbatim from Mevans: "All the vanilla animals have been planned to be removed for a long time (except possibly Sheep) and replaced with new wild ones, unfortunately, I only ever made the boars and then got distracted."
  • Canon characters (i.e. Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, Gandalf, etc.)
  • Cave trolls
  • Dragons (not Smaug)
  • Fell beasts



  • Major structures (i.e. Minas Tirith, Helm's Deep, etc.)
  • Villages for other factions


  • Carriages/Chariots
  • Rings of Power
  • Ships
  • Siege weapons
  • LOTR fitting paintings (with input from the user community, similar to lore texts)
  • Rope system for signal transmission (replacant for redstone wiring)


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