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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Pouches are containers that are used to store other items, essentially expanding the player's inventory. Pouches come in three different sizes, which are small, medium, and large, holding 9, 18, and 27 inventory spaces respectively, and in various colours. Pouches are unable to hold other pouches, but can contain other storage containers like chests and furnaces.

When you find your first pouch, you earn the achievement "Bigger on the Inside".


Pouches can be picked up as an uncommon drop from most NPCs when they are killed by the player, or found rarely in chests in most structures. They can also rarely be obtained as a reward for completing a mini-quest.

When the player first spawns in Middle-earth, they will be visited by the Grey Wanderer and given three small pouches, as part of his quest.


To open a pouch, just hold it in your hand and right-click. The pouch inventory will show up in the same way as when using a chest. The icon in your inventory changes to an open pouch. That way, you know which content is currently displayed.

If you've got coins in your pouch, and you have the feature enabled, the total worth of all the coins inside the pouch will be displayed beside it.

When you pick up an item, it will be auto-sorted into one of your pouches, as long as there is already an unfinished stack of this item somewhere in one of them (if all stacks are full, the item will go into your inventory as usual). In renewed, when a pouch picks up an item in this way, it will display a tooltip to make it easier to spot which pouch the item was sorted into.

Opening a container (e.g. chest) while holding a pouch will open a chest-pouch interface to allow easier transfer of items between them. Pressing shift and right-clicking moves the items from the inventory into the container and when doing the same with items in the container they go into the pouch.

Also, to the upper-right of the player's inventory there is a small icon that, when pressed, will restock items in the inventory into pouches which contain matching items.

In renewed, pouches have a useful contents list in their tooltip (similar to the Box Shulker Box in vanilla) as shown below.

Renewed pouches and the new contents list tooltip.


Naming your pouch is useful for quick recognition, for example: 'Food' or 'Weapons'. To name a pouch, right-click with it to open its GUI. Then right click into the name field above its contents and enter the desired name. To return to the default name, just clear it. When you hover over the pouch in the inventory, the tooltips will now show the name.


vanilla crafting recipe
small pouch (9 items)
medium pouch (18 items)
large pouch (27 items)

Pouches can be combined on a vanilla crafting table or the crafting grid of your inventory to expand their size. A small pouch and a small pouch create a medium pouch, and a small pouch and a medium pouch will create a large pouch (see example). When you combine pouches, they will lose the name of the previous owner(s) and their name(s) as well. They will hold the combined contents of the pouches you used. In renewed, this can also be done on faction crafting tables.

Dyeing and Undyeing[]


Minecraft The Lord of The Rings Mod Customisable Pouches!

Pouches can be dyed a range of colours. To do this, you simply combine a pouch with 1-8 pieces of any dye, with the more dye added, the more saturated the colour becomes. In Legacy, this cannot be done on faction crafting tables, however it can be in renewed. If you want to undye your pouches, put them into a cauldron filled with water.

vanilla crafting recipe
green dye
green dye
green dye
green dye
medium pouch
green dye
green dye
green dye
green dye
green medium pouch
Hobbit crafting recipe
Hobbit Crafting
large pouch
large Hobbit pouch

Any dyed or undyed pouch can be changed to a faction-specific colour, by putting it on the respective crafting table without any dye. It will then be the same colour as the pouches the respective NPCs drop after mini-quests or when slain. In renewed, these pouches will also have a tooltip saying something like Dyed in the colours of Mordor or similar to represent this.


Pouches were first added to the mod in Public Beta 8. They had fewer slots than they do now. A small pouch had 3 slots, a medium 6, and a large 9.

  • In Public Beta 11, the ability to rename a pouch in its inventory screen was added. This update also added a convenience feature where, when picking up an item, if your inventory held a pouch containing the same item, the picked-up item would be moved into the pouch automatically. Since Public Beta 31, items fill up more than one incomplete stack, if possible.
  • In Public Beta 15 the starter chest was added at the Middle-earth spawn, containing three pouches of random size. Their size was changed to 9, 18, and 27 slots respectively.
  • In Public Beta 20, a feature was added whereby, if an NPC randomly dropped a pouch along with its other drops, the other drops would be consolidated into the pouch. This update also added the 'belonged to' tooltip for NPC drops, meaning that pouches dropped by NPCs would come with the name of their previous owner.
  • In Public Beta 28, pouches were made dyable. Since then, it's much easier to recognize different pouches in the inventory, without the need to open them.
  • Since Public Beta 29, rewards of mini-quests are sometimes handed out in dyed pouches.
  • Since Public Beta 30, the icon in your inventory changes to an open pouch. That way, you know which content is currently displayed, if you have multiple pouches in your hot-bar.
  • Since Public Beta 31, pouches can't be sealed any longer in Dalish crackers, items fill up more than one incomplete stack in the pouches (if possible), and crafting recipes for faction-coloured pouches were added.
  • Update 34 added the coin count for pouches.
  • Since Update 35, the Grey Wanderer hands over three small pouches, if you follow his quest. This also meant that the starter chest that used to contain pouches no longer appears.
  • Update 36 added a chest-pouch interface for when the player opens a container (e.g. chest) while holding a pouch. This Update also introduced an inventory button to restock items into pouches which contain matching items.
  • Renewed Snapshot 5.4 ported pouches to the renewed version for the first time. They came complete with almost all of the above features, as well as some useful tooltips.
    • Still to come are the chest-pouch interface, as well as those elements which relate to other features not yet ported: the mini-quest rewards, coin count, and the Grey Wanderer's rewards. The Middle-earth starter chest was not included as this was obsoleted in Legacy by the introduction of the Grey Wanderer.
    • With this being Minecraft 1.16, it is also now possible to use Data Packs to alter the pouch drop rate from NPCs.


  • Using commands, mods, or inventory editors, it is possible to obtain a pouch of up to 294,912 inventory spaces. Pouches that are too big may glitch the game when opened, however, so it is advised that you only use the three pouches (9, 18 and 27 inventory spaces) above.
  • These pouches in particular were inspired by the essence pouches from RuneScape.
  • The name of the achievement 'Bigger on the Inside' is a reference to the Time Lord technology from the show Doctor Who, in particular, the TARDIS, which is much bigger inside than it appears from outside.
  • According to a comment on the post introducing the feature, the idea of having containers and pouches open simultaneously comes from tchri006.