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‘Sméagol always helps,’ he said. ‘He has brought rabbits, nice rabbits.’

–Gollum in The Two Towers, Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

Rabbits spawn naturally in woodland regions and sometimes also in appropriate biomes like the Shire. There are currently five differently coloured variants. They are different from their vanilla counterparts in appearance and mechanics.


Rabbits will hop around aimlessly most of the time, but when a player approaches, they will run as fast as their small legs will permit. But watch out! They're very fond of crops, including carrots, and are able to jump over a single-height fence. If you wish to catch them, make sure your sound is on, for they make the sound of a player eating food when they're raiding your farm.

Hitting a rabbit while it is eating your crops will earn you the achievement "Get Off My Land!".


When killed, they drop rabbit meat (RawRabbit.png), which can be cooked or made into tasty rabbit stew, as well as a few experience points (better than taters, at any rate)!

As rabbits have only 4 ( 4 ) health points, they can be easily killed by a single blow of a stone axe. This makes them an easily accessible source of food at the early beginning of a new game and for long journeys.


If farmhands spot a rabbit near the crops they tend, they hunt it down. As they don't collect the meat, you might occasionally find a piece of it lying around near farms. Unoccupied wargs also chase and kill rabbits from time to time.

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