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‘What a hobbit needs with coney,’ [Sam] said to himself, ‘is some herbs and roots, especially taters – not to mention bread. Herbs we can manage, seemingly.’

The Two Towers, Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbits

Rabbit stew is a delicious meal, and very easy to cook, as most Hobbits know.


Rabbit stew is not stackable, but it heals 10 ( 10 ) of the hunger bar!


It has been reported that raw meat and fish is more tasty and juicy, and cooking just ruins it, but a true Hobbit will never agree to this! Rabbit stew requires neither a furnace nor a barrel to make.

To make this scrumptious meal, the player must combine two raw potatoes and one piece of fresh-roasted rabbit meat on a vanilla crafting table. And don't forget the wooden bowl underneath!

vanilla crafting recipe
Rabbit Meat
Rabbit Stew

Upon crafting this food item, the player will get the achievement "Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit".

Famous Hobbit kitchen chefs still try to understand, how raw potatoes blend into this delicious meal without being cooked, and all that, without using a drop of water!

Food of Middle-earth