Foam dyed with blood flamed at sunset; as beacons mountains burned at evening; red fell the dew in Rammas Echor

–The Song of the Mounds of Mundburg

The Rammas Echor (Sindarin for 'Great wall' or 'Great wall circle') is a large wall that surrounds and defends the city of Minas Tirith (not yet implemented) and the Pelennor Fields, which appears as a fixed Structure in this Mod.

Location and StructureEdit

The Rammas is a large circular wall with a fixed location and a radius of around 500 blocks, in the Pelennor Fields. It is constructed of black and white Gondor bricks. The Rammas has three large entrances where various roads meet the Pelennor Fields. These entrances consist of a large arch fitted with fences to represent some form of portcullis. At the top of the wall, the Rammas also features battlements made of black Gondor bricks and torches.



The Rammas Echor has three gates: North, East, and South. The northern gate's road leads to northern Gondor. The eastern gate's road leads into Osgiliath (not yet implemented) and Ithilien, while the southern gate's road leads to Lossarnach.


This structure currently contains no chests or loot. As the wall is completely solid, it would be a vast source for Gondor bricks and torches. It's unsure if the Gondorians would like it if you take down their wall, but a bit of hollowing it out probably wouldn't hurt, right?



Nobody knows how those sheep managed to climb the Rammas Echor. Note the village in the background.

  • Rammas Echor, along with the Ring of Isengard, was the second major structure to be implemented into the mod.
  • Unlike the Ring of Isengard, the addition of the Rammas was mentioned in the Mod's changelog.
  • When it was first added, the roads in the Pelennor fields leading to the Rammas Echor were bordered by flowers and bushes however this was swiftly removed in Public Beta 29.2 due to excessive lag.
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