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A Ranger Camp is a generated structure that spawns in the same regions that Rangers of the North spawn in, that is Eriador (including Minhiriath, Swanfleet, and Midgewater) and the Lone-Lands, along with all the variants of those biomes.


A camp in Eriador.

The camps consist of a Ranger Crafting Table surrounded by cobblestone slabs and torches, anything up to four tents (consisting of green/gray/brown wool and fences), and a small wheat farm containing eight fully-grown wheat.

In each tent there is also a chest, which can contain items including, but not limited to, ranger armor, iron daggers, sticks, bread, pears, perry and ale of varying potency.

As a result, ranger camps can be great places to find if either you or your horse need some food; there will always be at least enough wheat to make two pieces of bread, and if you find three ranger camps, you'll be able to make up to eight pieces of bread, this does not include the additional amounts of food that will most likely be found in the chests.

Chest contents[]

Each chest will contain 1-2 stacks of items from the following list.

Item Weight Probability Quantity Image
Stick 100 10% 8-16 Stick.png
Coal 100 10% 1-4 Coal.png
Iron Ingot 50 5% 1-3 Iron Ingot.png
Mug 25 2.5% 1-3 Mug.png
Wooden goblet 25 2.5% 1-3 GobletWood.png
Waterskin 25 2.5% 1-3 Waterskin.png
Ale 25 2.5% 1 Ale.gif
Mead 25 2.5% 1 Mead.gif
Arrow 100 10% 2-8 Arrow.png
Iron Dagger 10 1% 1 DaggerIron.png
Bread 50 5% 1-3 Bread.png
Red apple 50 5% 1-3 Apples.gif
Green apple 50 5% 1-3 Apples.gif
Pear 25 2.5% 1-3 Pear.png
Plum 25 2.5% 1-3 Plum.png
Cooked rabbit 25 2.5% 1-3 RabbitMeat.gif
Cooked venison 25 2.5% 1-3 Venison.gif
Compass 25 2.5% 1 Compass.png
Ranger's hood 25 2.5% 1 HelmetRanger.png
Ranger's tunic 25 2.5% 1 BodyRanger.png
Ranger pants 25 2.5% 1 LegsRanger.png
Ranger's boots 25 2.5% 1 BootsRanger.png
Ranger Bow 25 2.5% 1 Ranger Bow.png
Eriador Lore Text ? ? 1 Book.png


Ranger of the North Captain

Inside every ranger camp, a Ranger of the North Captain will spawn. If your Dunedain of The North alignment is over +300, he will allow you to hire Rangers and Ranger Banner Bearers for some silver coins. If you don't have enough alignment with the rangers' faction, he'll simply refuse to let you hire any units.

Ranger Shield.png  The Dúnedain of the North  Ranger Banner.PNG

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