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Ranger Watchtowers are a generated structures that were added in Public Beta 19. They are the biggest structures for the Rangers of the North so far (beside the Ranger Camps). They spawn wherever Rangers of the North spawn, in biomes such as EriadorMinhiriath and the Lone-Lands.


This structure consists of three platforms stacked on top of each other that stand on wooden pillars (type of wood varies (birch, oak, maple, pine, etc.) with each watchtower. In the middle of the building is a ladder through which these platforms can be reached. At each platform there is a trapdoor that must be opened for the player to proceed further up the structure.


This structure is currently rather useless as it has no traders or commanders and only one treasure chest, but it can be seen from a long distance. It also makes for a good place for travelers to stay the night, because it always spawns two Rangers that can serve as protection against evil (though Ranger Camps are safer).

However, this building can be very useful if you happen to be caught in an Invasion as it gives you a greater vantage point compared to your enemies -- that is, as long as you have enough ammunition or a good polearm available.


The first and second platform have one ranger on each. The second platform also holds a Ranger crafting table, while the third and smallest platform has a chest with Ranger loot. This loot may include food items, drinks and raw materials. A ranger banner can be found on top of the tower.


Ranger Shield.png  The Dúnedain of the North  Ranger Banner.PNG

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