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Misty Mountains Forested Valley

A Light Forest variant of the Misty Mountains

Biome Variants are a feature of the mod that enable greater variation in biome generation without the need to create many similar variations of each base biome. They are generated as a second layer over the biomes themselves, and can alter terrain features of that biome, most notably height, hilliness, tree coverage, tree types, and grass coverage.

The types of biome variants that can generate in a biome are defined for each biome in the code. Normal biomes get the generic biome variants and combinations of the oak forest/spruce forest variants, Oak wood type biomes do not have spruce-including variants, Spruce wood type biomes do not have oak variants, forest biomes have clearings and hills, and swamps are different all together. Variants cannot mix or overlap; that is to say, there is only one layer of variants on top of the base biomes.

In Middle-earth, the current biome variant is shown in the F3 debug screen on the left-hand side along with other biome information.

A complete list of biome variants follows. Note that no biome has all of these, and some, such as Mordor, have none.

For biome variants that do not occur in a significant number of Middle-earth's biomes, a list of biomes is added to show where these can generate.

Standard variants Edit

These variants appear in a wide range of different biomes.

Name Description Images
Standard The placeholder biome variant. Regions with this variant generate according to the biome's base properties.

The regular appearance of Gondor.

Flowers A version of the biome with an abundance of flowers. Relatively rare.

Flowers in the Northern Wilderland.

Forest A more forested version of the biome. The trees which are generated are the same as those generated by the base biome. A plains-type biome that generates this variant will resemble a typical forest-type biome. A relatively common biome variant.

A Gondorian forest.

Light Forest A variant that increases tree coverage, but not as much as the forest variant.

A light forest in Rhúdel.

Steppe A very flat version of the biome, with few trees.
Minhiriath Steppe B24

The steppes of Minhiriath.

Barren Steppe A steppe, but with no trees. Structures may generate here more commonly due to the simple terrain and lack of trees. Offers very little cover from any hostile eyes.


The barren steppes of Rohan.

Hills A hillier version of the biome, but not as hilly as the mountain variant. Does not alter the base height of the biome. One of the most common variants.
Eriador Hills B24

Hills in Eriador, dominating the surrounding woodlands.

Forest Hills A version of the hills variant that also increases tree coverage.

Forested hills in the Northern Wilderland.

Mountains These are basically highlands made up of mountaineous areas towering above the surrounding terrain. They are generallly open areas with little tree coverage, steep slopes, and fairly flat summits. Sometimes these can cover quite large areas, forming highland regions that hold deep valleys.

Eriador Mountain B24

A view on Eriador highlands.

Lake A lake. Lakes can be many sizes, ranging from small ponds to huge lagoons. They may sometimes have small islands in them. Lakes are usually rare, but the Far Harad Jungle biome generates small lakes very commonly. See below for a quite interresting ᚱᚢᚾᛖ (rune).

A lake in Gondor near a beach.

River Rivers are special biome variants that replace the vanilla generated river biomes. The mods rivers have a better fit in the biomes where they are generated.

A river.

Scrubland Scrublands are typically areas with very poor, sandy and/or rocky soil. This results in very little tree growth and the vegetation is dominated by low growing scrubs (stunted trees / shrubbs) and bushes.


Scrubland in the arid savannahs of Far Harad.

Scrubland Hills The scrubland hills are a hilly type of scrubland.

Scrubland Hills - Drúwaith Iaur PB29

Scrubland Hills in Old Púkel Land.

Wasteland Wasteland is a very barren biome and can vast stretches of the terrain consist of barren rock. The soil is generally very poor and vegetation is sparse. The landscape can both consist of flat plains and rolling hills.

Wasteland biome variant - Drúwaith Iaur PB29

A barren wasteland in the Drúwaith Iaur.

Forested variants Edit

These variants add new tree types in addition to changing the biome's properties.

In many cases the forest floors are a patchwork of grassy meadows, podzol and barren dirt.

Dense forests Edit

Name Description Images
Dense Oak Forest A forest of densely clustered oak trees. This variant greatly increases the tree coverage of the biome and also adds a new tree type: huge oak trees similar to those found in Lothlórien and Fangorn but not quite as large.

A dense oak forest

A dense oak forest.

Dense Dark Oak Forest A dense forest with many normal and huge dark oak trees. This variant is unique to the Drúwaith Iaur.

A dense dark oak forest only found in Old Púkel Land.

Dense Birch Forest A dense forest with many normal, large and huge birch trees.

Dense birch forest

A dense birch forest.

Dense Spruce Forest A dense forest with many normal and large spruce trees.

Dense Spruce Forest

A dense spruce forest.

Dense Oak/Spruce Forest A dense forest with many normal and large oakd and spruce trees, and many huge oak trees.


A dense oak-spruce forest in Wilderland.

Dense Lebethron Forest A dense forest with many normal and large Lebethron trees. This variant is uniqie to Ithilien.

A dense Lebethron forest on hilly terrain.

Dead forests Edit

Name Description Images
Dead Oak Forest A version of the biome with increased tree coverage and added dead oak trees.

A dead oak forest in the Northern Wilderland.

Dead Spruce Forest A dead forest with dead spruce trees.
Dead Spruce Forest

A dead spruce forest.

Dead Oak/Spruce Forest A dead forest with both dead oak and spruce trees.

A dead oak/spruce forest in Dale.

Oak Shrubland A version of the biome with many short shrubs on the ground.

An oak shrubland in the semidesert.

Single tree type dominant forests Edit

Name Description Images
Aspen Forest A forest dominated by Aspen trees.
Aspen forest

An aspen forest.

Birch Forest A forest dominated by Birch trees.

A birch forest.

Beech Forest A forest dominated by Beech trees.

A beech forest.

Maple Forest A forest dominated by Maple trees. Relatively rare.

A maple forest in Bree-land.

Larch Forest A forest dominated by Larch trees.

A larch forest in the White Mountains.

Pine Forest A forest dominated by Pine trees.

A pine forest in the Woodland Realm.

Orchard variants Edit

These relatively small biomes represent the cultivated fruit orchards of Middle-earth. The following varaints are defined:

Name Features Image
Shire Orchard An orchard type exclusive for the Shire, containing apple, pear and cherry trees.

A Shire orchard.

Apple-Pear Orchard An orchard containing apple and pear trees.

An apple and pear orchard in Rohan.

Orange Orchard An orchard containing orange trees.

Beautiful Sand Gems in an orange orchard in Umbar.

Lemon Orchard An orchard containing lemon trees.

Horses graze in a lemon orchard in the Southron Coasts.

Lime Orchard An orchard containing lime trees.

Soldiers hunting boars in a lime orchard in the Gulf of Harad.

Almond Orchard An orchard containing almond trees.

An almond orchard in the Gulf of Harad with exotic flowers.

Olive Orchard An orchard containing olive trees.

Deer in an olive orchard in the Southron Coasts.

Plum Orchard An orchard containing plum trees.

A plum orchard in the Gulf of Harad with Flames of Harad.

Date Palm Orchard An orchard containing date palm trees. This orchard type is exclusive to Near Harad Fertile and Rhúdel.

Soldiers guarding a date palm orchard in the Southron Coasts.

Pomegranate Orchard An orchard containing pomegranate trees. This orchard type is exclusive for Near Harad Fertile and the Rhúdel.

A pomegranate orchard in Rhúdel with mountaineering sheep.

Exclusive variants Edit

These biome variants are only found in specific biomes or specific types of biomes.

Name Features Image
Forest Clearing A clearing in the surrounding forest. Only found in forest biomes.
Eregion Clearing

A forest clearing in Eregion.

Swamp Upland A version of the the biome with fewer pools, higher land generation, and many more trees. Only found in swamp biomes.

Shire marshes upland looks nearly like an ordinary forest.

Swamp Lowland A variant of the the biome that is flat and watery, like a vast pool choked with bits of land and quagmire. Only found in swamp biomes.

Shire marshes lowland includes a ruined house and some animals.

Baobab Savannah A variant of the Far Harad Savannah with a light forest of Baobab trees.

The edge of a Baobab savannah.

Red Boulders A variant of the Near Harad Desert with boulders made of red sandstone.
Red Boulders Fortress

A Near Harad Fortress (outdated) situated in the red boulder desert.

Rohan Boulders A variant of Rohan with boulders of Rohan rock.

A boulder-strewn plain in Rohan.

Dense Jungle A variant of the Far Harad Jungle with enormous Jungle and Mahogany trees, much larger than those found in other 'dense' variants, in addition to increased tree coverage.
Dense-Forest Tauredain Jungle

The dense jungle.

Vineyard A variant found exclusively in Dorwinion. This is one of the two places where Grapevines grow and the only place where Vinekeepers and Vinehands can be found.
Sunset Dorwinion

A Dorwinion vineyard at sunset.

As mentioned above, both the Drúwaith Iaur and Ithilien are home to an exclusive dense forest variant and the Shire and Near Harad Fertile are home to an exclusive orchard variant.

Other notable featuresEdit

The terrain generation for the Mod's biomes differs in many respects from that of Vanilla Minecraft. Here are a few notable features that may strike the eye when you're travelling Middle-earth:

  • Forested biomes and biome variants have fallen leaves on the ground to give the impression of leaf litter.
  • The occurrence of clay deposits is more randomised and less clustered (as it is in Vanilla MC).
  • Vegetation is much richer. Some biomes and variants have special, or even unique flowers and, while many biomes and their variants share a large number of types of common vegetation.
  • Many trees and tree variants are added in comparison to Vanilla MC. Some are widespread, some are unique to specific biomes.
  • Quite a few biomes have unique rock types, like Rohan and the Red Mountains giving these biomes a unique look and feel.
  • The Mod also uses customised code to spawn caves and ravines. You will certainly notice this as travelling greater distances. Lava lakes are generally not present on higher altitudes, except in a few biomes, like Mordor and the Far Harad Volcano biome.
  • Finally, the terrain generation is far more realistic, and more suitable for a Middle-earth themed Mod, than that of Vanilla Minecraft.


The anglo-saxon lagu-rune (= letter L) means "lake". Tolkien used those ᚱᚢᚾᛖᛋ for some texts in the initial drafts of "The Lord of the Rings", later on, he replaced them by cirth runes.

The lake seems interminable to men,
if they venture on the rolling bark
and the waves of the lake terrify them
and the courser of the deep heed not its bridle.

Old English rune poem

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