All dead, all rotten, a great battle long ago Elves, men and Orcses...

–Gollum, The Two Towers

Remains is an ore found in the Dead Marshes biome. Unlike most ores, remains do not generate in stone. Instead, they generate in dirt under the watery patches of the Dead Marshes.

This means that remains blocks are often hard to get to, due to their tendency to spawn underwater, and the minor inconvenience that a marsh wraith will spawn and try to kill you if you step into the water.

Upon digging up a block of remains, the player gains the achievement "Worth the Risk?".


Naturally spawned remains.

Loot Edit

When dug with any type of shovel, remains will yield all sorts of loot.

Common itemsEdit

Remains will always yield these bones when dug up:

Drop Quantity Image
bone 1-2 Bone
Elf bone 1-2 Elf Bone
Orc bone 1-2 OrcBone

In a test when breaking 150 blocks, 73 bones, 77 Elf bones, and 71 Orc bones were dug up. On average, you will get about 1.5 bones per block.

Other itemsEdit

In addition to the items above, there is a chance of finding more valuable loot in the Dead Marshes:

Note: All of these percentages were obtained in-game by breaking 150 blocks. Actual drop rates may vary.

Drop Quantity Chance Image
ancient armour plate 1 11.33 % Ancient Armour Plate
ancient sword blade 1 2.67 % Ancient Sword Blade
ancient sword hilt 1 6 % Ancient Sword Hilt
ancient sword tip 1 3.33% Ancient Sword Tip
gold nugget 1-2 20.67 % Gold Nugget
silver coin 1-4 4 % Silver Coin
silver nugget 1-2 17.33 % Silver Nugget

Lore Edit

Like the lost souls of the water, remains is a remnant of a great battle here during the second age. The last alliance, led by Elendil and Gil-Galad, drove Sauron back through Middle-earth to Mordor. This resulted in many battles and the ruin of regions such as the Dead Marshes and Brown Lands.

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