Resource packs are files that can contain textures and sounds that change default mod aspects. There are several reasons for creating a resource pack, including creating armour/weapons that look more like those in Peter Jackson’s films, more like the author's preferences, or making more lore-friendly textures..

List of Resource PacksEdit

Calanon Evergreen’s Resource PacksEdit

Calanon’s resource packs change the look of several things in the mod, including armour sets, weapons, shields, and more, to resemble the designs used in the Middle-earth films by Peter Jackson. His enthusiasm and loyalties lie with the Elves (which can be observed through his most notable works below).

(Note, download removed, it was broken. Calanon Evergreen is not using wiki anymore so the link would never have been fixed.)

Notable Works (they cant be downloaded.)Edit

Handles' HD Resource pack [WIP]Edit

This pack is still a WIP, but at present, it features 32x32 textures for all the items from Minecraft vanilla. The eventual goal of this resource pack is to create 32x32 textures for every item in the Lord of the Rings Mod, which will use the same basic patterns and colours as Mevans' textures, but with more detail.


Ithilion's Tolkien Resource PackEdit

Ithilion's resource pack changes the look of almost all armour sets, weapons, shields, skins, blocks, and more. The goal is to make textures look more like the described items in the books and properly reflect the true spirit of Tolkien. It will be updated following each update.

Last Updated: 7/27/17

Armor Showcase Good
Armor Showcase Evil


The_Other's JSTR Patch [WIP]

The patch has not been finished to an adequate standard for release, but will be sometime in the future. It remodels the LOTR mod to fit with the popular John Smith Technician's Remix pack.ed

Gorbag12's Old Moredain Banner PackEdit

This Texture Pack gives you the old Moredain Banners back, it was created by Gorbag12.


Dwarf Armour

Proff_Grimm's Dwarven Texture Pack Edit

It changes the colour of Dwarven Bricks and its craftings to more greenish colour, it also changes the look of Banners of Durin's Folk and the Dwarven Helmet.


PureBDCraft LOTR Patch Edit

This patch is an expansion for Sphax PureBDCraft that adds textures for LOTR items. All the textures are given a more comic style. The patch however, has not been updated past Beta 20.


Mr_Dalek's Dank and Un-Dank Resource Packs Edit

This is a texture pack for the LotR mod that changes a few textures, most notably Near Harad brick and Elven armours. Contains armours made by Calanon Evergreen and High King Ithilion that were slightly adapted by Mr_Dalek. Also contains textures from Flan's Mod. You can no longer get the Un-Dank textures in the Dank Pack. In order to get the Dank and Un-Dank textures put both in your resource pack put Dank on the top and Un-Dank underneath it.



Second Age

Dragonovith's Orcish Helmets for Human EyesEdit

I aye eye eye

The Orcish helmets in the mod currently doesn't have eye holes that fit a normal human skin, this resource pack aims to fix that with a few texture changes. Affected textures:

  • Angmar Helmet
  • Black Uruk Helmet
  • Dol Guldur Helmet
  • Mordor Orc Helmet
  • Uruk Helmet
  • Utumno Orc Helmet


Dragonovith's Respect the Boss Edit

Do you have thousands of alignment points with Mordor? Is the mere pronunciation of your name enough to spread fear and despair among the free peoples of Middle-earth? It doesn't matter if the answer to these questions is yes or no, the Orcs of Mordor will still treat you like a stinking and worthless maggot! This resource pack aims to change that.

With this little submod, the Orcs of Mordor will treat you more respectfully, after all, you're a death machine, an herald of chaos and destruction! If you like roleplaying, I suggest that you install this submod after you get more than +1000 alignment points with Mordor.

Unfortunately I don't think we can change speechbanks with resource packs, so to install this submod you'll need to combine this submod's "assets" folder with the LOTR mod's "assets" folder. You do know how to do that, don't you, maggot? If you don't, open Respect the and [1.7.10] LOTRMod B33.4.jar with a program like WinRar or 7-Zip, then drag the "assets" folder from Respect the to [1.7.10] LOTRMod B33.4.jar's root folder.

  • Doesn't work online, unless the host has this resource pack.


Dragonovith's New Orc Sounds Edit

This resource pack replaces the current Orc and Uruk sounds and adds new ones from the The Last Days mod for Mount & Blade.

Credits: Developer Team of the The Last Days mod. You can check their work out here, here and here.


  • When an Orc Bombardier lights a bomb's fuse
  • When an Orc dies
  • When an Orc is hurt


Dragonovith's Less Fantasy-like Warhammers Edit


This resource pack changes the current warhammer textures to make them slightly more realistic while at the same time staying true to the old textures' designs.


Movie Styled Resource Pack Edit

By Ornendil8, aka Darth_Feanor

This resource pack edits the mods armor, and some item/weapon textures, for a movie-like look. Thus far the pack edits mainly:

  • Armors, to give a movie look to them
  • Items, to fit the new armors textures
  • Orc Helmets to work for 4th pixel eyes as well as 5th pixel eyes, much like Dragonovith's.

Two of the changed armors,Galadhrim and Rivendell.

Download Link

Wood Elf Weapons

New Wood-Elven weapons

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