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<u>Immersion Lotr Beta 1 Progress:</u> '''Approximately 51% complete.'''
<u>Immersion Lotr Beta 1 Progress:</u> '''Approximately 52% complete.'''
<u>Download Latest Version:</u> [ Immersion Lotr alpha_3.1-35 (32x)]<br />([ changelog])
<u>Download Latest Version:</u> [ Immersion Lotr alpha_3.1-35 (32x)]<br />([ changelog])

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Immersion Lotr Beta 1 Progress: Approximately 52% complete.

Download Latest Version: Immersion Lotr alpha_3.1-35 (32x)

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Immersion is a Lord of the Rings mod resource pack by video-game content creator Quin (also known as QuinoaFalafel) which attempts to bring Middle-earth to a greater level of detail by creating higher resolution textures that interpret and expand upon both vanilla and lotr mod textures. The pack is only being developed at a 32x resolution right now, and focuses primarily on blocks.

The pack is currently in its early alpha state, so all of its textures are subject to change, and one should not expect a perfect experience. That said, the pack does still include roughly 400 textures, and many experiences can be genuinely enjoyed.

If you want to follow Immersion's progress, you can check out the News Board. Additionally, if you want to know more about what has already been added, you can read the changelog.

This pack can additionally be downloaded from the Resource Packs page. If you have questions or suggestions, you can comment here or on the News Board, or email There is also a vanilla Minecraft branch of the project, which can be found on Planet Minecraft.

If you're interested in donating or learning more about me, you can also check me out on Patreon

- Quin

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