The First Age Submod is an edited version of the Lord of the Rings Mod* developed by Valiec and the Eras of Arda team. You can join our discord here to get the latest developments:

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What is a submod?

Going on our definition, a submod is a version of the base Lord of the Rings mod that has edited the assets or code of the mod. Our submod uses both of these methods to repurpose the Lord of the Rings mod (set in the third age) into a (sub)mod set in the First Age. Note that you cannot use both the Lord of the Rings mod and the First Age submod at the same time.


The First Age submod uses an edited map that adds Beleriand to the map, and removes the rest of Middle-earth.

First age submod map

We have chosen to remove the rest of Middle-earth and replace it with ocean to keep the gameplay focused on Beleriand.

The First Age submod adds many new factions to the mod. Some of these factions are brand-new, custom coded in - and some of them are factions from the LOTRmod that have been renamed and repurposed. You can play as an elf of Doriath, a man from Dor-lómin, or an orc of Angband.

Faction LOTR Mod Faction
Angband Mordor
Barahir's Outlaws n/a
Belegost Blue Mountains
Brethil n/a
Doriath Lothlórien
Dor-lómin Gondor
Estolad Rohan
Hithlum Lindon
House of Bór Dale
House of Ulfang Dunland
Laiquendi Woodland Realm
Nogrod Blue Mountains
Spawn of Ungoliant
Tol-in-Gaurhoth Dol Guldur
Utumno Remnant Isengard

First age submod petty dwarves First age submod gondolin First age submod utumno remnant

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