The Tolkien Resource Pack is a Lord of the Rings mod resource pack created by user High King Ithilion, with some contributions from users Calanon Evergreen and Keltenfeuer, focused on changing the aesthetic to more closely fit the lore. The resource pack is at a 16x16 pixel resolution.

The Tolkien Resource Pack: Edit

- Retextures armors for almost all factions, converting plate armor to leather, cloth, mail, or scale, and adding book-described details.

- Retextures the vanilla armors to include mail.

- Retextures weapons for almost all factions. In especial, Elven Swords are no longer curved, and Uruks use the proper stabbing-sword.

- Changes numerous banners to better represent their book description. 

- Adds many new mob skins, and improves others.

- Gemstones are given more detail and have retextured blocks.

- Improves several capes.

- Gives Wargs now wear more detailed leather armor, rather than the original metal.

- Retextures most horse armors.

- Adds improved names and speechbanks.

- Changes most shields to book-based variants.

The download link for the pack can be found on the Resource Packs page.

Armor Showcase Good
Armor Showcase Evil
NPC Showcase Ranger
NPC Showcase Dwarf
NPC Showcase Southron

Download Instructions:

Downloading this resource pack is not as simple as it could be, but can easily be made to work. First download the resource pack by clicking the green download button on the MediaFire website. When the file is finished downloading, find it and extract the contents. Navigate through the newly made folder (through the Lore-Based folder) until you reach the directory containing the assets folder, pack.png, etc. Highlight all files (this can be done with ctrl + a), right click and click Send to > Compressed (zipped) Folder. Then place the zip file in your resourcepacks directory, and it should load.


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